The Loss of Cafeen

The loss of cafeen from my diet hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. I am missing some things but not others so much. At work, people bring in a lot of chocolate based things and biscuits of which I would quite happily eat through – now not so much… If its got chocolate, I leave it alone and at first it was really hard…

The evil temptation around all the time and then it was just there, another object that was to be seen and not to be eaten. Strange to see others eating it in that aspect but it no longer bothered me. The thought between taking a bite and that brief pleasure followed by the posibility of hours of pain – its just really not worth it.

As shopping, looking for alternatives I came across a shop of different Teas – many cafinnated but also many that were not – some green, many different berry versions – I go for the ones that are loose leaf and not teabags – its strange, after having loose leaf for a while – you can taste the teabags and they don’t help the tastyness.

Cadbury Store

Torture for the Cafeen Free, Heaven to the chocolate Lover

I came across a shop that usually I would have loved, but was just not right to find when cafeen and chocolate are not allowed. A cruilty to see and everything was on sale. Nightmare for me, heaven for previous me.

I had read that green teas were good for you, and previously never really liked them. Found them too bland but really like Jasmin Tea. I found it one time when in London. It was a cold evening and I was wandering around the city and was in China Town… I went in and got a Jasmin and honey Tea to go – it was really nice and went to get some jasmin tea. Took me a while to find – I could get tea bags but it didn’t taste right until I got the loose leaf… and a dollup of honey. Now I have it without honey in general but delicious both ways.

I am aware that not all green teas are cafeen free, but they are much lower than normal teas so I can enjoy them. It doesn’t seem that I need to be cafeen free to be pain free but take it in moderation. Just like salt and many other ingredients in foods, taken in moderation things just work.

Euphoria – Friends or God?

I can recall times of being lost within myself but totally happy at the same time. Times in worship at different things including church, harvest, spring harvest and IXth hour where everything just feels right and time – time is something that is there but doesn’t seem to pass – there is just a joy and happyness feeling completely safe and that you don’t want to end. A kind of euphoria that to be is honest and I do miss.

I watch on TV some of the things that happen on the God Channel, a channel I’m not that fond of on tv – I find that a lot of the time it makes what I believe in look silly and not serious. I find what I believe in shapes life – its not just a sunday or an event thing but something that really helps shape me, be it in how I speak, act and relate to people.

How I can encourage others, and look to their gifts in the world and see what they could do with their lives if they choose too. I think people are all amazing… some are annoying but were all made to like and not mix so well with others… but were all in this together… Someone for everyone.

When i was a child, I did not have many good friends – only around 5 in total and still today 20 years on I still have those good friends and now so many many more. Some that are so close and supportive and I feel really blessed for it and see so many posibilities for many of them.

I thought that no-one really liked me, I had difficulty speaking with people and just being myself, always trying to slightly be like others but keep my own flavour too. Always believed that I am who I am, I can try to be “like” others but thats never truelly going to be me.

Over time, I have grown thankfully… I have many friends in many diversities of life, mixing interest from allsorts from trampolining, and dancing to church or just to go out and play pool, swim or ten pin bowling. Some I can talk technical with and know that will inspire me and I them in issues that at first seem difficult and then exciting…. still difficult but knowing that others will support you in them.

I am blessed and thankful to them all. I see it as a very different euphoria with friends… I am really happy when I am with them, and talk, chat online with them. We work well together and well, enjoy it too – a true euphoric time here on this plain of existance.

VHS – Do you still use them?

I have DVDs, Divx Movies, HD DVDs, and even some Blu-Ray DVDs and still although only occasionally I still watch VHS Video tapes. Sometimes its still the best format for films – adds an effect that can not really be duplicated on Digital really.

Like the ability to just eject and re-start where you left off no matter what video player you use. Get to the end, just fast forward and allow it to rewind and eject – strange, but a nice feature all the same.

I’ve got a load of VHS tapes and sometimes its just nice to watch them. Been watching stuff from the 80’s – horror of a sort movies I used to watch as a teen. I don’t watch horror movies now – I just don’t enjoy them – not the new ones. I think the last “horror” type I enjoyed was the Scream series and that was years back now.

Do others use VHS still… Nice to watch that then a DVD – you can notice a real difference in quality or at least sharpness and amount of colours.

Why was that the Trigger?

I’ve discovered one of my triggers to my headaches is caffeen which totally sucks as enjoy it in so many things and its hard to avoid. Things such as chocolate as so many of you will know is a luxary I will miss a lot as well as Tea.

I can have a little caffeen so can have green tea’s and the occasional chocolate which I really appreciate but in general I’ve cut it out.

It was a kinda hell to start with, the cuttung out of caffeen. For about 3 weeks I had withdrawal effects of just headaches, exhaustion, tiredness, irratatable, light sensetivity, and general unhappyness – it felt it was never going to stop and then it did just that.

One morning I awoke and everything felt calm. When I went into work, I felt so happy people were asking what was up with me… I said “I have no pain, none at all. Its the clearest and calmest I’ve felt in about 2 years”

I discovered after a little pepsi on a night out my sensitivity to caffeen, that and chocolate – I’d not had it for a month and it was delicious but within about 2 hours I had headaches again. I stopped it all and they vanished… tried a cup of real tea and back again… Glad I found the trigger – not so happy that the trigger effects so much of my life.

I already miss the dairy milk chocolate, and the daily cup of tea althou I have found a love for the taste of loose leaf jasmin tea – it is quite tasty and relaxing.