Why was that the Trigger?

I’ve discovered one of my triggers to my headaches is caffeen which totally sucks as enjoy it in so many things and its hard to avoid. Things such as chocolate as so many of you will know is a luxary I will miss a lot as well as Tea.

I can have a little caffeen so can have green tea’s and the occasional chocolate which I really appreciate but in general I’ve cut it out.

It was a kinda hell to start with, the cuttung out of caffeen. For about 3 weeks I had withdrawal effects of just headaches, exhaustion, tiredness, irratatable, light sensetivity, and general unhappyness – it felt it was never going to stop and then it did just that.

One morning I awoke and everything felt calm. When I went into work, I felt so happy people were asking what was up with me… I said “I have no pain, none at all. Its the clearest and calmest I’ve felt in about 2 years”

I discovered after a little pepsi on a night out my sensitivity to caffeen, that and chocolate – I’d not had it for a month and it was delicious but within about 2 hours I had headaches again. I stopped it all and they vanished… tried a cup of real tea and back again… Glad I found the trigger – not so happy that the trigger effects so much of my life.

I already miss the dairy milk chocolate, and the daily cup of tea althou I have found a love for the taste of loose leaf jasmin tea – it is quite tasty and relaxing.