VHS – Do you still use them?

I have DVDs, Divx Movies, HD DVDs, and even some Blu-Ray DVDs and still although only occasionally I still watch VHS Video tapes. Sometimes its still the best format for films – adds an effect that can not really be duplicated on Digital really.

Like the ability to just eject and re-start where you left off no matter what video player you use. Get to the end, just fast forward and allow it to rewind and eject – strange, but a nice feature all the same.

I’ve got a load of VHS tapes and sometimes its just nice to watch them. Been watching stuff from the 80’s – horror of a sort movies I used to watch as a teen. I don’t watch horror movies now – I just don’t enjoy them – not the new ones. I think the last “horror” type I enjoyed was the Scream series and that was years back now.

Do others use VHS still… Nice to watch that then a DVD – you can notice a real difference in quality or at least sharpness and amount of colours.