Looking at a Law Degree

I’ve been through university and found it a hard time work wise, I learned loads in the “social” side of things although wasn’t out even half as much as many of my friends. I ended university with a HNC in IT and its done me well over the years but I’ve been looking into completing/upgrading my university education to something more.

I’ve always liked the idea of standing up for those around me when it comes to rights, and although I sometimes get it wrong, people generally do come to me and ask me for advise. I would like to know things for sure – to be taught what is acceptable (law wise) and at the end of it do something different in life. I’ve grown up with polotics around me (in my family) and seen when it works (and doesn’t) and want to help.

I’m looking at working with a Law degree of sorts part time while I continue work – no real chance of doing one full time and paying the bills eg. mortgage etc and in reality I think I’d like to keep working while learning.

I found there was a lot of time in university that I could have been studying but didn’t feel encouraged to do so. With working at the same time, it would reduce the “entertainment” time and make me focus on the education to get anywhere – encouragement by annoyance.

I want to do a course that involves me going to a class to interact and listen in lectures, and tutorials and is not just distance learning. I’ve tried distance learning and although I slowly get through the material, I feel I could get a lot more done with people to bounce ideas to and from, and interact better.

I am much more confident in talking to people than I was when I was at university – there I seemed to be quiet all the time in class, even when I had answers and was asked I was afraid to answer. Now I look back and wonder why. Now on many occasions I am talking to groups of people or one to one, and even though I get nervous, I get through it and feel that could help me education wise.

I am aware that I will need to do a LOT of reading, and study work again. Something I never thought I’d do again (how gullible I was then – life is always a learning thing) and I’m looking forward to it.

Over the past few months or so since my migraines are generally gone (due to lack of chocolate), I’ve had a lot more time available to me to do things, and my mind seems more active. Reading has become a great experience again and words don’t seem to be moving as they used too and things make a lot more sense. I’ve wanted to challenge myself again, I’ve been getting through a lot of my ideas that I’ve thought about but never got further until recently and things are happening. I want my education to be one aswell.

I’ve found that Teesside University do a Part Time Law Degree from one full day a week for around £1500 a year for 3 or 4 years. So I’m researching an intro course first to see if its for me. But the degree starts in september so got a little time to research. I’m also looking at transferring my points from my IT HNC to the degree to help top it up.

Should be interesting. I think there will be a lot of boring parts aswell but at the end I should be equiped to help people a lot better and go into industries that I can’t even think of at the moment.