I’ve missed Swimming

For the past few months I’ve been going swimming before work between 2 and 3 times a week for 2 main reasons: 1. I love it, its so relaxing and yet enegizing and 2. It wakes me up before going into work. It also has the nice side effect of helping me get a little fitter too. I don’t do a lot – Only about 10 to 20 minutes worth but its regular most of the time.

Over the past 6 weeks though, I’ve missed out most weeks due to sore eyes, a chest infection and tummy issues. Things best not to be in a pool with. With a chest infection breathing becomes an issue and anything with eyes its best not to share water with others.

I’ve been for “the appointment” now for an endoscopy down my throat and pretty much since then my life and health are getting a lot better and I’m back to swimming.

When I went for the first appointment as I’ve spoken before, I was quite nervous and once I got there I had to wait (as normal) but to find it wasn’t happening there and then but I had to stop medication for 2 weeks beforehand. I’d had appointment from 3 weeks before so could have been told this.

When I spoke with the doctor they insisted it has to have been 2 weeks. I was told 3 days, and when I said this to him I was told “well, I am the specialist” – my reaction was someone should have notified me the proper information and the reaction was around “well thats not my job” – I argued that if he was the only one knowing the rules, how did he expect others to know if he doesn’t tell them. He kind of shrugged it off.

Most people would have just accepted without discussing any further what a doctor had said but I work with them most days of the week, they are just people doing another part of the job and yes they have specific knowledge for health and can help but also they often require help for example from me in IT – The basis of Treat one another as you want to be treated can go a long way.

The second time I went to get the treatment I was not notified by post to stop any medications, and actually stated in the letter to bring any medications I was on with me but I stopped them all the same.

I was told not to eat or drink from 7am and appointment at noon. Noon came and went, I was seen soon after 4pm – many hours after food or drink and overall it seemed OK – glad I took the choice of sedation. It does’t put you to sleep and you do remember but instead of the 15 minutes that is apparently took, I can only recall about 2 minutes. Those 2 minutes were not nice so could have done without them too.

I was not worried when I had to actually go for the treatment. I felt a peace that nothing drastic was going to be found. I’d stopped the meds over 2 weeks and my tummy was generally fine, I’d not felt like that for years. Now i’ve been told I’ve new medications but the prescription suggestion hasn’t quite made it to my doctors yet so I’m not on it… and if it was urgent I’d have got one there and then. So I’m getting better and getting back into enjoyment of life again.