Happy Easter

I decided to go to a church I’d never been to before and it was quite a small church – only about 40 people total and there was 24 children. It was a small community made church with everyone from the direct area – some had moved there, some had been there all their life.

The service was based on John 20: 1 to 18 – Easter – Jesus disappearing from the grave and Mary looking for him and how we often look for Jesus the same way everytime as because its not exactly like it was before – we just miss it, not expecting to find something different. But things are always changing around us, and we grow with the times.

The first half of the service was for the kids, a quiz on easter with chocolate prizes – many of the questions I had no idea what the true answer was so they did well in my opinion.

Now heading down to Milton Keynes to see a friend from LPO – Been friends a couple of years but living oposite parts of UK does seem to stop visits in real person. I’m looking forward to it and should see her soon – should be a good time.

Another time to relax and chat… assuming I find my way to her house.

Have a Great Easter. I like the saying “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and also the following video someone sent me on Facebook.

My SH2011 Journey – Arrived

I packed this morning after sorting most of my stuff out last night. Finished all the work I could do at around 23:45 before I started organising what to pack. Wrote some functions on websites so I could monitor them from my phone and set off around 11:30am.

The journey was okay, I made good time – or so it seemed until about 50 miles from skegness where the traffic just seemed to slow down so much. It took about an hour for about 20 miles then the sat nav took me down a side road and the trip was a lot faster again. Took about 4 hours and then I arrived.

I’ve done second week starts at spring harvest once before and packed accordingly. Two bags – one for the general stay and one for the first night as when not doing it from the start you end up staying one night one place, before moving to the other main residence.

I arrived, and signed in and right away saw a few I knew. For the rest of the day, I’ve bumped into people I know and many of them I’ll be working with for the rest of the week.

We’ve had team meetings, played a version of pool which was basically take a turn, next person – no such thing as a foul as there was about 8 to 9 of us playing and just having fun. The night was brought to an end by a get together in the pub – We don’t drink while the stewarding is on but the night before – well.. thats different 🙂

We headed back to our rooms, my key card didn’t work – thankfully someone was around to help me. Went to main gate and got it re-coded to allow me to access my residence for the night. Not sure why it lost its information but I’ve been full of static all day. Can’t see it affecting a magnetic charged card much but its working now.

Good night.

Good Friday

It is a time to remember the sacrifice that Christ laid out for us. Trading himself for our sins. A good day for us all.

I know today I’ve had a good day this Good friday, I was reminded by the cause of the day but in general its been a good day. I spent most of it out in the sun enjoying the heat – got up to around 26’C outside – it was lovely. Glad I brought my sun cream with me, I felt like I was cooking in a nice way.

I spent most of the afternoon reading, I don’t often read books – not for pleasure – usually to find something out, so solve a problem, not just stop, relax and read but thats what i’ve been up to. The book is around 200 pages, and I’ve passed the half way mark today. I’m a slow reader usually so its a real success for me.

I went to see some films later. I went alone, I had no one around that I could go with and went to see a film I’d wanted to see but hadn’t seen. I found a strange thing happen.

While there waiting for the film to commence and people to get seated, I talked with people – No idea who they were and it felt fine doing so. Chatting about litterally anything and it was good. I find this strange as when with people I know, the confidence seems to seep away yet go somewhere I know no-one and suddenly I can talk to anyone about anything. I need to switch that around a little but to know that I can do it sometimes means its something I should be able to do whenever.

So anyhow, Please remember Good Friday for what it is. A memory of change for us all. Christ Jesus dying on a cross to save us from sin and in a couple of days – we remember He rises again on Easter.


How to explain Spring Harvest this year in one word is Awesome. The weather was good – I dont think we had any rain. Lots of sunshine and a nice breeze to go along with it. I didn’t get time to see the beach – it was too busy for that option.

We were based in Skegness, the butlins resort. It was a good time and everyone was friendly. I can’t really think of a bad time throughout it all. I even slept well – to bed around 12 to 12:30 and up for around 6:30 each day. I think I get more sleep than when I’m at home there. Lots of food for breakfast and lunch. Huge variety, and overall quite healthy with the work we were doing. If not for all the activity, the food may have been too much.

Days of moving chairs was the norm and I didn’t mind it really. It is just part of the job, to help out and learn. I have made lots of new friends and re-aquanted with lots of older ones.

I got to be in Jacks again with the youth (well, 11 to 14s) group. This year there was not demand to be in there – everyone wanted centre stage as did the rest of my team so we put Centre stage as our initial choice with alternative of Jacks. Since no-one else put jacks down – we got it by default I think. It was awesome.

I was working with some of the team from the North East YFC which I get on with well. I knew some of them were working this week but I wasn’t aware of how many. More came than expected so seeing friends from where I came from was good too.

We were not a full team this year, and I think when that happens the overall experience of doing is actually better. Last year there was a full team and I didn’t feel it was as good (in team mix) as the first year which was a smaller team. I think people work better together knowing there is less of you… Help oneanother type of attitude. quite a few people dropped out at last couple of weeks due to issues and could no longer help. I really enjoyed it all.

Over the next few weeks, more will come to me and i’ll write it up but as an overview – It was Awesome.

Time Out

I’m having a little time out from normal life this month. A time of reflection and meeting with friends I’ve not seen in almost if not years.

I’ve been to Skegness for Spring Harvest stewarding and really enjoyed that – I think it has been the best year on team so far. Now I am in Northampton for the rest of the month.

The plan was to meet different friends I’ve not seen in ages, and was organised for most of this week. So far, none. I have found it odd and somewhat annoying that many have said that they would love for me to come down, but now that I am – they don’t have any free time. I let people know months in advance and it was all the “yeah, that will be great attitude” but so far it seems it was all talk. I have confirmed with several to meet next week from Sunday.

So first few days down here have been to explore and get lost successfully. The house I’m staying in has 3 other people here, all really friendly. I am staying in a rented room for a month. It worked out cheaper than trying to get a hotel for the time and there is a lot more freedom here. Plus I can do my washing so dont need to go elsewhere for it.

A home away from home. Last night I went to trampolining in Northampton, a time to wind down and relax. They made the adults class do warm up – something that is rarely done in the adults class up north although advised to do. It was a good little warm up – less than we make kids do but still energetic enough – think i’ll suggest it when I get back.

The days are hot here, well they feel hot. Apparently been around 20 to 24’C in past few days and today. Bright sunshine, lazing in a back garden in the sun reading a book. Can’t use laptop as normal – too bright but so relaxing – I could come back with a tan…. Probably not though.

Day 7 – My zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

I had to look up what my zodiac sign was when I saw this question. Aquarious apparently.

According to zodiacsignsmeanings.org

The Aquarians personality traits basically possess strong and attractive qualities. They are intelligent, concise, clear, logical, imaginative, psychically intuitive, objective, altruism, idealism, scientific, sociability, inconsistency, detachment, and spiritual, rebellion, secretive, adaptable, eccentric, perverse, detached, tacky, and progressive in their attitude.

It seems to cover quite a mixture of things there and of course I can fit at least some of the qualities to my life. A bit like saying I have veins in my body, people know roughly where but we can find them if we look for them.

I don’t believe in astrology although it can be entertaining to see what has been written in each persons sign. I think its all a perception, people fit what they’ve read or been told into what is happening around them.

Day 6 – 30 interesting facts about me

1. I have no middle name, but am named after my grandad, and his grandad, and his grandad, and his grandad… It goes on generations.

2. I was in the first ever hot air balloon to successfully lift off and fly from Beamish

3. I am learning the guitar (Well, I’ve got the guitar so far and can tune it)

4. I have stood for election 2 times so far, but have not yet won a seat but have been quite close.

5. I sometimes still watch VHS video tapes, even though I have DVDs etc. Sometimes its still the best medium.

6. I’ve seen Meat Loaf in concert 3 times. The last one was truelly awesome.

7. I’ve been a Christian for 23 Years (Since around April 1988)

8. I’ve travelled to America, Spainish islands, aswell as france and other places, and my favorite place to go is france although I can’t speak the language much.

9. I bought my first house in 2005 and re-decorating took 2 months with help from friends.

10. I like to help people out if I can. I think the phrase “Help someone out if you can, for tomorrow you may need help and others could help you” – I don’t know if it truelly works for everyone but seems to for me.

11. I first wore glasses from the age of about 26 but the rest of my family had them much earlier in life.

12. I have a younger brother named Andrew. I can’t say little brother anymore – he’s about the same height as me.

13. I have no piercings or tattoos but have though to get a small tattoo of “celtic triquetra” as it represents so many things in my life.

14. I like to spend time out in nature. Walking, wandering in the green-ness and exploring however get hayfever which slows me down a little sometimes.

15. I’ve been trampolining for about 4 years and never successfully done sumersaults but I’ll get there. [most people do it within 2 months]

16. Some of my closest friends are the ones I’ve known since junior school

17. I once won £5 for painting strawberries as the best thing about summer [I was in infants school – £5 was a lot].

18. I learned to become aware and take control of dreams many years ago. It doesn’t always work but I love to fly when I get the chance.

19. I am a qualified assistant trampolining coach

20. I love to look at the moon and will often stare at a full moon for no more reason than I can see it all.

21. I want to do a degree in Law so that when I say things, they are lawful instead of just logical.

22. I’ve been involved with Church youth events for over 11 years helping out. Its something I love to do.

23. I have no idea why people like to watch football. I just don’t see whats so “great” about any of it.

24. Two of my favorite ingredients when making foods up are Garlic and Fresh Ginger

25. I watch a lot of movies, usually on DVD or via the Xbox Sky Movies channel and occasionally the cinema. I like action, and comedy mainly – I dislike horror and psycological horror based ones.

26. Chocolate although awesome and delicious is my enemy as I get migraines if I eat it 🙁

27. The majority of the clocks in my house and car are all faster than the actual time and when people change them I am late for everything.

28. I keep a (no longer) secret diary seperate from my online blogs and like to read them back every so often to see how life has changed.

29. When I was little, I imagined that my perfect job would be to run my own business. I didn’t know what in though… Its a lot harder that is seemed back then but enjoyable.

30. I enjoy a lot of music but when working I listen to dance/trance music as I seem to think better with the rhythm and beats.

I honestly didn’t know if I was going to get through these questions but now seem to have more that I can think of, much more than just 30 but thats not the task today.

Day 5 – A time I thought about ending your own life.

I can honestly say I’ve never felt this. I’ve spoken with lots of friends and they have said that they’ve felt it. I’ve felt down and depressed but never to the point to end it all by death.

I guess I just don’t understand how anyone could think to do so. I’ve been brought up with the belief that suicide is a sin and not to do it but apart from that I see so many people struggling through life while we have so much.

I know things can get on top of us, but you have the ability to restart most things in life again. If money, go bankrupt and slowly re-build. Relationships break and re-build. I think having good friends help you.

Many friends have helped me through tough times in life, but also my beliefs have helped me too. I’ve always known if I have no person to speak to, I can still talk to God about it and He does speak back – not in words but things do seem to sort themselves out.

Day 4 – My views on religion

I believe everyone has a choice to believe in whatever they want too. I believe that God (Christian God) gave everyone the choice to choose – its up to everyone whether to see whats there or to ignore it.

I believe in Jesus Christ – Christianity – I don’t have a denomination just Christian. I have believed for many years since 1988. You can view my journey of belief at https://fschooliascoff.com/beliefs-journey/

I enjoy talking with people about their beliefs and why they believe what they do. Is it an upbringing or something they have discovered themselves. What has it done for them, helped them through and why is it so precious to them.

While I was at univeristy I was in a group that mixed many beliefs and went through a variety of names during the time I was there. I think its currently called “Mind, Body & Spirit” but I’ll always remember it as “Tea & Biscuits”. The many discussions with @athnor, @midnightschilde and many others there. For a while I was named “The token Christian”

Most people knew I didn’t believe or really agree with their belief but was willing to talk and not just say “Your Wrong” as I can’t really say that God gives them a choice, and then when they don’t choose as I see right, critisize them – its wrong in myself – or at least makes that much sense to me. I enjoy talking with people a lot about beliefs.

Some believe in science but science seems to be there to prove everything so you don’t need to believe in it (as you can see why) but the problem is that you have to believe science is right… so by following sciences rules, it disproves itself.

Day 3 – My views on drugs and alcohol.

I think its up to people whether they partake in drug taking or alchol. I have not taken any illegal drugs but know many people who have in the past. I don’t know if they do now, but thats their choice.

I think God gave us these bodies to respect and look after. He also provided lots of ways to enjoy life and we are discovering more and more of them but some things are bad and some are good. Science can not completly proove either way for many things.

I do enjoy a drink with friends. I prefer some spirits to “beer” and enjoy the flavours. My favorite is a banana liqure – very sweet but so tasty. Although I don’t have much of it.

I think alchol is something that can be enjoyed as a part of life, but it shouldn’t be life. To live to drink doesn’t sit right with me. Living in an existance that is somewhat numbed from real life as the alchol supresses the mind and many of the bodies functions.

I think if anyone takes drugs or alchol they should not be driving any sort of vehical (or bike). People take these things so they can allow their bodies to act differently and can put others at risk especially when driving as there is a lot to think about when sober and not high. I don’t think people really “think” when under influence of things.