Connecting to the past from now

Imagine being able to connect with others from your past in a common place. Some you wanted to see, others you did not. You are all aware that this was temporary and you were together. You have no rush to be anywhere else and know that this time is not actually taking any time out of the reality of life but you are meeting and getting the chance to communicate and connect with people you’ve lost connection with.

What would you do? Who would you talk to and “catch up” with. Its a nice thought for it to happen but could it really happen. I’ve read about how some people know that something bad has happened to a loved one although no phone call has happened – its just that – a knowing, a connection that can not be proven or quantified in any scientific way but just is all the same.

Maybe time isn’t a line as we see it but all mixed up. When were in a dream, time seems to exist but a lot can happen in a slow amount of time in our consious mind. Our subconsios mind seems to process time differently and while we are dreaming (which is apparently only a fraction of the night) time can be days, or even weeks for the couple of hours sleep we’ve had.

My thoughts are there is a lot more we as people can do in life, a lot that we’ve not quite understood enough to do… We accept the limits we have been told are definite but they are only active limits if you don’t test them. What else can we access.

I wonder if we could harness the speed of time of dream state into real life… imagine the amount of work done. Get a weeks worth of work done in a day and then relax for the remaining…. I’d love a 2 day week and 5 day weekend to do what I loved to do rather that what I needed to do do be able to have those 2 days.