Day 3 – My views on drugs and alcohol.

I think its up to people whether they partake in drug taking or alchol. I have not taken any illegal drugs but know many people who have in the past. I don’t know if they do now, but thats their choice.

I think God gave us these bodies to respect and look after. He also provided lots of ways to enjoy life and we are discovering more and more of them but some things are bad and some are good. Science can not completly proove either way for many things.

I do enjoy a drink with friends. I prefer some spirits to “beer” and enjoy the flavours. My favorite is a banana liqure – very sweet but so tasty. Although I don’t have much of it.

I think alchol is something that can be enjoyed as a part of life, but it shouldn’t be life. To live to drink doesn’t sit right with me. Living in an existance that is somewhat numbed from real life as the alchol supresses the mind and many of the bodies functions.

I think if anyone takes drugs or alchol they should not be driving any sort of vehical (or bike). People take these things so they can allow their bodies to act differently and can put others at risk especially when driving as there is a lot to think about when sober and not high. I don’t think people really “think” when under influence of things.