Day 5 – A time I thought about ending your own life.

I can honestly say I’ve never felt this. I’ve spoken with lots of friends and they have said that they’ve felt it. I’ve felt down and depressed but never to the point to end it all by death.

I guess I just don’t understand how anyone could think to do so. I’ve been brought up with the belief that suicide is a sin and not to do it but apart from that I see so many people struggling through life while we have so much.

I know things can get on top of us, but you have the ability to restart most things in life again. If money, go bankrupt and slowly re-build. Relationships break and re-build. I think having good friends help you.

Many friends have helped me through tough times in life, but also my beliefs have helped me too. I’ve always known if I have no person to speak to, I can still talk to God about it and He does speak back – not in words but things do seem to sort themselves out.