Day 6 – 30 interesting facts about me

1. I have no middle name, but am named after my grandad, and his grandad, and his grandad, and his grandad… It goes on generations.

2. I was in the first ever hot air balloon to successfully lift off and fly from Beamish

3. I am learning the guitar (Well, I’ve got the guitar so far and can tune it)

4. I have stood for election 2 times so far, but have not yet won a seat but have been quite close.

5. I sometimes still watch VHS video tapes, even though I have DVDs etc. Sometimes its still the best medium.

6. I’ve seen Meat Loaf in concert 3 times. The last one was truelly awesome.

7. I’ve been a Christian for 23 Years (Since around April 1988)

8. I’ve travelled to America, Spainish islands, aswell as france and other places, and my favorite place to go is france although I can’t speak the language much.

9. I bought my first house in 2005 and re-decorating took 2 months with help from friends.

10. I like to help people out if I can. I think the phrase “Help someone out if you can, for tomorrow you may need help and others could help you” – I don’t know if it truelly works for everyone but seems to for me.

11. I first wore glasses from the age of about 26 but the rest of my family had them much earlier in life.

12. I have a younger brother named Andrew. I can’t say little brother anymore – he’s about the same height as me.

13. I have no piercings or tattoos but have though to get a small tattoo of “celtic triquetra” as it represents so many things in my life.

14. I like to spend time out in nature. Walking, wandering in the green-ness and exploring however get hayfever which slows me down a little sometimes.

15. I’ve been trampolining for about 4 years and never successfully done sumersaults but I’ll get there. [most people do it within 2 months]

16. Some of my closest friends are the ones I’ve known since junior school

17. I once won £5 for painting strawberries as the best thing about summer [I was in infants school – £5 was a lot].

18. I learned to become aware and take control of dreams many years ago. It doesn’t always work but I love to fly when I get the chance.

19. I am a qualified assistant trampolining coach

20. I love to look at the moon and will often stare at a full moon for no more reason than I can see it all.

21. I want to do a degree in Law so that when I say things, they are lawful instead of just logical.

22. I’ve been involved with Church youth events for over 11 years helping out. Its something I love to do.

23. I have no idea why people like to watch football. I just don’t see whats so “great” about any of it.

24. Two of my favorite ingredients when making foods up are Garlic and Fresh Ginger

25. I watch a lot of movies, usually on DVD or via the Xbox Sky Movies channel and occasionally the cinema. I like action, and comedy mainly – I dislike horror and psycological horror based ones.

26. Chocolate although awesome and delicious is my enemy as I get migraines if I eat it 🙁

27. The majority of the clocks in my house and car are all faster than the actual time and when people change them I am late for everything.

28. I keep a (no longer) secret diary seperate from my online blogs and like to read them back every so often to see how life has changed.

29. When I was little, I imagined that my perfect job would be to run my own business. I didn’t know what in though… Its a lot harder that is seemed back then but enjoyable.

30. I enjoy a lot of music but when working I listen to dance/trance music as I seem to think better with the rhythm and beats.

I honestly didn’t know if I was going to get through these questions but now seem to have more that I can think of, much more than just 30 but thats not the task today.