Day 7 – My zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

I had to look up what my zodiac sign was when I saw this question. Aquarious apparently.

According to

The Aquarians personality traits basically possess strong and attractive qualities. They are intelligent, concise, clear, logical, imaginative, psychically intuitive, objective, altruism, idealism, scientific, sociability, inconsistency, detachment, and spiritual, rebellion, secretive, adaptable, eccentric, perverse, detached, tacky, and progressive in their attitude.

It seems to cover quite a mixture of things there and of course I can fit at least some of the qualities to my life. A bit like saying I have veins in my body, people know roughly where but we can find them if we look for them.

I don’t believe in astrology although it can be entertaining to see what has been written in each persons sign. I think its all a perception, people fit what they’ve read or been told into what is happening around them.