How to explain Spring Harvest this year in one word is Awesome. The weather was good – I dont think we had any rain. Lots of sunshine and a nice breeze to go along with it. I didn’t get time to see the beach – it was too busy for that option.

We were based in Skegness, the butlins resort. It was a good time and everyone was friendly. I can’t really think of a bad time throughout it all. I even slept well – to bed around 12 to 12:30 and up for around 6:30 each day. I think I get more sleep than when I’m at home there. Lots of food for breakfast and lunch. Huge variety, and overall quite healthy with the work we were doing. If not for all the activity, the food may have been too much.

Days of moving chairs was the norm and I didn’t mind it really. It is just part of the job, to help out and learn. I have made lots of new friends and re-aquanted with lots of older ones.

I got to be in Jacks again with the youth (well, 11 to 14s) group. This year there was not demand to be in there – everyone wanted centre stage as did the rest of my team so we put Centre stage as our initial choice with alternative of Jacks. Since no-one else put jacks down – we got it by default I think. It was awesome.

I was working with some of the team from the North East YFC which I get on with well. I knew some of them were working this week but I wasn’t aware of how many. More came than expected so seeing friends from where I came from was good too.

We were not a full team this year, and I think when that happens the overall experience of doing is actually better. Last year there was a full team and I didn’t feel it was as good (in team mix) as the first year which was a smaller team. I think people work better together knowing there is less of you… Help oneanother type of attitude. quite a few people dropped out at last couple of weeks due to issues and could no longer help. I really enjoyed it all.

Over the next few weeks, more will come to me and i’ll write it up but as an overview – It was Awesome.