Happy Easter

I decided to go to a church I’d never been to before and it was quite a small church – only about 40 people total and there was 24 children. It was a small community made church with everyone from the direct area – some had moved there, some had been there all their life.

The service was based on John 20: 1 to 18 – Easter – Jesus disappearing from the grave and Mary looking for him and how we often look for Jesus the same way everytime as because its not exactly like it was before – we just miss it, not expecting to find something different. But things are always changing around us, and we grow with the times.

The first half of the service was for the kids, a quiz on easter with chocolate prizes – many of the questions I had no idea what the true answer was so they did well in my opinion.

Now heading down to Milton Keynes to see a friend from LPO – Been friends a couple of years but living oposite parts of UK does seem to stop visits in real person. I’m looking forward to it and should see her soon – should be a good time.

Another time to relax and chat… assuming I find my way to her house.

Have a Great Easter. I like the saying “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and also the following video someone sent me on Facebook.