Time Out – Leeds

Last weekend I went to leeds to stay with some good friends, I’ve not seen them in ages and found one of them was up near me on Friday so we drove down to leeds in the evening.

Weekends usually consist of cooking, chilling out, playing games, drinking and chatting but this weekend was different. For one thing the weather was a lot nicer than usual – mid 20’Cs. We still did a lot of what we usually do but in the afternoon I went rock climbing with one of them. I’ve only done it 3 times before, and not really done much of it.

I really enjoyed the day, we were there for about 4 hours in total. We both didn’t really think we’d last over 2 hours. I’ve never tried bouldering which was a lot harder work than I anticipated. I do wish that there was something in Teesside that offered such a variety of wall climbing things. The one I’ve been to at the moment, is just one wall instead of the 10+ ones that were there. Its something I plan to go to again.

Monday was a good day, it was gorgeous hot sunny day and I had it booked off – just felt I needed a break and found out on Friday, my friend also was off the monday (and rest of week). We had a day out, a good walk into the town centre to get a pie and then back via the park.

Something I’ve not done in years, we went to the play park and went on the swings – Always loved going on the swings and think in the future if I have a garden, its something I would add to it as it gives a great feeling of freedom while your flying through the air. We played frizbee for about an hour or so too, in lovely sunshine and a little rain which was refreshing before walking back.

It may sound simple, and quite boring to many but it was a lot of fun and something I plan to do again. All in all, it was a great weekend, relaxing and good time with friends.