Stressed yet chilled and relaxed

Over the past week I have been feeling stressed of things in life. I’ve been struggling with money and going over all my accounts, whats coming in and going out and removing anything I can right away to reduce my outgoings. That is one of the many things that have been on my mind. Others include my work to do in my 3 or so jobs, and ensuring enough time is dedicated to each and every one of them.

However on Saturday morning I woke up and felt a peace, a peace I’ve not felt in a while. I am still aware of all that I need to do and get sorted yet at the same time feel everything is going to be okay. A calmness has filled me and all I can say is that it feels quite wierd. My mind seems split, one side is hectic, thinking about everything thats needing to be done and other other is calm, telling me everything is okay and it is being sorted.

Have you ever felt when you walk into a room that you know that people you know are also there. You don’t know who exactly, just that they are there. When I say that to friends I am with, an reply sometimes is “I’m not suprised some people think your wierd with comments like that” – is it normal? I’ve been a few times to the cinema and felt a presence of people I know are there but I can not see them… then a few days later, or online they come to me and say they saw me, and did i enjoy the film… It happens at all different things – I’m guessing it doesn’t happen to everyone.

I love looking at the moon when its full. I get a giddy feeling inside whenever I see it, I was never sure why but think its because I’ve linked the image to my dreams. Many years ago, I worked out how to put a concious thought into my subconcious mind so that I may take control of my dreams. I used a full moon with dark clouds surrounding it with a blue glow surrounding the moon. Something that even in sunlight would not be seen normally.

When I see my chosen image (full moon glowing), I get a choice within my dream to allow it to continue and run out or take control and break the rules of normality – I often choose to fly… to lift myself up into the air and move around with just the thought of direction. I can choose to change the dynamics of everything around me and once in place, choose to continue control or let it run or a mixture of both that usually happens.