A Hungry Day

Some days I get very hungry and it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat, I am still hungry and keep on eating. Today was one of those days. It started as normal – breakfast: a bowl of cheerios with milk and off to work.

Brunch which seemed to start around 9.30am consisted of 2 bananas and 3 apples, followed by 4 slices of roast beef, and 8 slices of ham, then the rice biscuits – they were not filling but tasted nice, and then the half pack of fig rolls, and two slim fast milkshakes (I like the strawberry one). Then it was coming up to lunch which was sandwiches and a break. Dinner started with a bacon butty, then a burger and chips then ice cream.

Still feeling hungry, I’d felt I ate a lot and should stop so continued with stuff and later ate more crisps and some crunchy salad I found in the fridge yet still I feel hungry and writing about food hasn’t helped that.

But today, today has been a good and quite productive day and not just in the eating way. I seem to be getting on top of a load of things at my morning job that I’ve had issues with recently. I’m getting information back for the one on the afternoon job and actually able to do what I need to do instead of waiting on others and got to practice some of what I’d been learning with people instead of just writing – I was speaking with people too – I know it sounds simple, and in reality it is – but to get the right information from and to the person can be quite a challenge.

This evening (around the food stuff) I tried something new, I was meant to be going to the Parkmore with a friend for near 8pm but he was working and not due back til 9ish so we went later… that wasn’t new… what was new was attempting some meetup group I found on the internet.

I’m in lots of different things, and have many friend groups now but its very hard to actually find a group that can go out and do things much or get people together. While at university, I was in many groups, clubs, societies – that had things organised to do things. I liked the option to get out and do stuff. This meetup site seemed to offer that. I joined a local group, initially I thought this looks like a USA Site but typed my post code and found something…

They have a monthly meetup in a pub in Thornaby, where new and current members come and chat and meet one another. I was terrified at the idea of going – not knowing anyone, not telling anyone I was going (thinking about it now, that wasn’t so smart) – just going and meeting a group of people in a pub that I’ve only a little chatted online with.

When I got there, my nerves kicked in while in the car outside. I stopped and just thought about it… “Well, it can’t be as bad as turning up to that interview and making everything up on the spot because they didn’t send me all the information I needed” or “It can’t be like that networking thing – that worked out OK” and somehow a calmness came over me. I was still quite nervous, but at the same time I wasn’t and just went in and met with people. They were easy to spot – they had banners on the table with Meetup all over them.

The group was very welcoming, and chatted to me and several other new members to the group. I didn’t feel presured to talk and to start with, chatted to only a few people but felt as though a friendship was instantly created and was really enjoyable.

The meetup started around 7.30pm – I left to go to the Parkmore around 8.30 – I look forward to the next one as think I’d stay much longer. It was a lot of fun and would recommend to others to go too. I would think that it may be better to go with other people but I often find it easier to be myself and judge a group when I’m not with someone else… so I’m not trying to be how people expect – there are no expectations and everything is new. I’ve found that I’ve made loads of friends in many groups this way and intend to keep on going.

So overall, its been a good day but still hungry, I’m not eating more – otherwise I won’t sleep well and I enjoy my dream world way too much to mess that up.

Meetup Group: Teesside