Facebook – Changes again

I quite like the new change to the news system, its useful to have everything in one place although on a small screen its quite full. I like the idea of what others have been up to on the right hand side and it does make it a lot easier to be nosey about whats going on.

Isn’t that what a lot of facebook is about though, to be nosey and discover what others are up too. To see what their current interest is in and if you feel that way too – a style of connecting with others.

I think facebook likes to change things every so often to raise its awareness in the media. Whenever they make a change they get lots of attention. The media outlets bounce onboard announding the new changes, people blog about it (like this) and tweet. They talk openly about “the changes” and if they agree/hate the changes and all in all, facebook gets a lot of people openly talking about it.

I wonder how many other organisations could get free publicity by changing something that gets peoples attention. It doesn’t seem to matter in facebooks case if its good or bad for the masses, they get a lot of attention and more people visit their sites. If more people visit, they get more page views, more page views equals more ads served, more ads means more income.

So by making a change they get more income and now you ask: “Why did they change?” – well its not like people don’t want to make more money is it?