Time Out

I’m having a little time out in London for a week. My work in the medical centre has been very busy recently which is quite nice, but quite tiring too. It is coming up to flu season which means preparing all the recall lists, promotion and trying to get people to come in for things. I am part of the main team that does the prep work so been quite busy with that as well as a few other things.

My other jobs have also been busy, and to be honest I think I prefer it that way. I’ve been in jobs in past where you get a call and have to do something there and then and soon after its just waiting and nothing you can do productively and ends up reading online. I often took this time to read up on news or science stuff that interested me or attempted the online training while the sites were accessable.

I’m hoping to meet with friends this week, some are travelling down thursday – others are already in London. I don’t have a structure for the week apart from getting something from an office one day and a little shopping for supplies. I enjoy just wandering, or sitting in a park with a pad of paper drawing and writing my thoughts and ideas and allowing my imagination to wander. I did manage to forget my pad of paper and pencil but should be able to get some while in London. Maybe it will mean this is updated more often.

I’ve missed my french holiday this year, mainly because of money costs. My trip to london will cost around £200 including most costs and food. A trip to france would cost me around three or four times as much but would usually have nicer weather and I’d get to know more people. I’m having the break now, and thats something I really feel I need. I’ve had a great sleep last night, slept about 12 hours – longest I think in months. I did however wake up around 7.15 (Normal time for work) and then remembered I was not at work and turned over and back away.

I know what I write isn’t really interesting to most people, and its my outlet – occasionally I’ll put something useful on here but mainly its just me rambling on.