University – Will I get in?

I dont write much online anymore, and if I do its in spurts. Mainly because I don’t have free time to stop and think and word what I want down – it doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say just that I only get it if on holiday usually away from home life otherwise always working on that other project thats on my mind.

I am hoping that I get into University, I’ve a place on a conditional offer on them getting proof of my results from college and GCSEs – I’m not sure why they need to see them as already studied with them a while back and was on a degree course with same requirements but they insist on seeing the proof.

I have not found them and had to pay the exam boards for them to send confirmation to the university – they won’t send out certificates unless you have a crime reference for their loss. I’ve not needed them for any job interview, or other education and moved house multiple times since getting them so they could be somewhere in the house but after searching all drawers, cuboards, boxes and even the loft I could not find them.

I sent for results to the boards that covered my area. They say it takes up to 28 days – I only had around 40 days to get it before the course was due to start so I thought OK, I’ll send it to them. After about 2 weeks I get a call to say one board had only had half of my results but the rest were at their other office and to get them I had to pay again and send to that office – again with 28 days. Why you have to pay twice, from the same company for results that were all taken at same time by the same board is annoying and expensive to say the least.

So far, the univeristy have all my results except maths and english results – which in most places are the most important ones to get. The course is due to start in about 2 weeks time – in start of October. I’ve not been able to prepare much like sorting books etc as you need to be enrolled to get more details and can’t enroll until the place is accepted. So now I wait.

I am going for a part time Law degree. I’ve spoken that I wanted to do something related to Law but never had got round to it. Now I’m going for it, although its taking a lot of time just to get onto the course. I know it will take a lot of time to work through it but have been busy for the past few months re-organising and building a structure so that I will have the time to work on it and through it. Its something that will be hard, challenging and help me grow again. It could even give me new direction in life.

I’m not interested in the idea of getting money back, sueing people all over but more in the defending and protecting people side of it all but to have a knowledge of it all means you can try to see things from all angles and where and what people may say from your statement so you can defend it and not be caught off guard.

While at university the first time around, I would have discussions with lots of friends but often there was only one side to it. I would often take the complete oposite view, even if I agreed with the other side just to get a discussion/argument going. I learned a lot from them, as could see what led people into different directions for pursuing their point.

I used to challenge one friend in particular as he had strong views, he was one of my closest friends while at university. He didn’t realise I was doing it for fun and challenge for a while, and was not so pleased when he found out. I didn’t do it to hurt, but after explanation he understood the reasoning and I think still often forgot when discussions started again.