A Student Again

When I initially went to university (in 1997), I went because it was the thing to do – to have a good time and hopefully learn something along the way. I did a degree in Computing and came out with a HNC in Computing – not so great, but been working since so worth something. I did IT as its something I could always do so thats where my life took me. Usually good to have something you can do and helps others.

This time around, I’m doing something I’ve always been interested in but never thought I’d actually be able to do. I’m going for a Part time course – a degree in Law. I didn’t get my degree last time and have always wondered if I could get one – Not particuarly for a better job, but for me to acheive it – Its something I want to do, and at the end of it (and probably during learning) I will be able to help people in a new way.

I started on Tuesday – its twice a week for the total of 5 hours plus lots of reading and study time, I’ve been re-arranging my hours for my jobs and free time over the past few months and now the education fits in well with that assuming I can keep to my plan.

The group/class seems quite good so far, I’ve only spoken with about half of them but people come from all different backgrounds – different current workplaces as well as a range of ages. Everyone so far has been friendly, and I think everyone was a little nervous for the class but jelled well. I think it will be a good class. Already we have started mini assignments in the classes, and people have worked well together directing and helping each other find things to complete the answers on the sheets.

I am at a point in life now that I am ready to really learn again, I didn’t think it would happen – that I want to sit down, have time out of the crazy life I have and learn. Being a student again is different now. Previously, it was lot about going out and learning how to mix and thats came invaluable but I’ve done that now… and yes, I will go out probably with this group but I have a stronger sense to actually sit down and work for things. Maybe its got something to do with having to organise the payment for the course as last time there was no fees for the course – maybe I didn’t value what I was getting.

I can see many opertunities ahead, and really am looking forward to even the insane amount of reading that will be needed, I may complain but will work through it.

I came out of the first set of classes expecting to be exhausted, I’d been working since about 8.30am with about 2 hours for food and breaks during the day and finished at 9pm but felt so energised – I wanted to do something then… I ended up cooking, eating and preparing veg for the next few days of food. On wednesday though.. Quite tired but with a smile