How do I have the time?

Life at the moment seems to be quite uncontrollably busy, I don’t think I realised how much work was going to be involved when I started the university degree. I’m not sure how it is fitting in along side a lot of the other work that I do. I don’t seem to have much free time between multiple part time jobs, some volunteer work and now a part time degree.

I’m often up til quite late hours, or early morning hours getting through everything I have. I’ve had a few In Course Assessments (ICAs) that I’ve struggled to get the word count for. Each one has only been for 1500 words however I’ve always been taught that when writing I should use minimal words for maximum meaning… or in other words… less words for same meaning. This is not useful while writing essays as I natuarally reduce my wording. I tend not to when writing blog posts as write as I think the thoughts instead of re-analysing reference matterial and re-writing it automatically.

I don’t write here as often anymore, I just don’t have the time too. Only now, after finishing one of the ICAs in the middle of a night, or an early morning… Looking at the PC clock its coming up 6.20am. I’ve not worked all night, I felt tired and slept for an hour or two and then continued with the work.

My reading speed has increased again still, I seem to be absorbing information yet when writing the words are not always coming to me. In conversation, and in classes, I’ve been able to contribute well but not so much in the writing – it is something I am working on and although I really hate these ICAs, they are helping me in remembering topics better.

I do like to be busy, I like to be involved with many things and with many people. That I don’t have the issue with, it just seems at the moment, there is just that little bit too much and it is getting on top of me. February is looking quite a calm month at the moment, but I guess the university will fill that one up too – it usually seems too especially when I’ve just got to the point of thinking its free.

I do not regret re-starting university however I am having to re-organise my normal life a lot to accomodate the extra hours outside the classroom. I had estimated around 30 minutes for three work days, and 2 hours on the weekend. Its actually closer to 45 minutes a day plus 3 to 4 hours on the weekend on top of the class work (Excluding when its ICA time where more time is required again).