Paint Party – Awesome Fun

I’ve had a great weekend so far, I went to a UV Paint party and had a lot of fun. I got totally soaked with paint and now have a white shirt that is technicoloured and have not had that type of fun in a long time. It reminds me of many years ago when I went out in some clubs but instead of saying on the sidelines watching and wondering if I should join in, I was in the middle of it and loved it.

I went out with a few friends, and a group from the Uni Trampolining club. I managed to lose some friends that seemed to split off into other groups and got updated that they had a good time too. Some did not make it to the paint party, I’m glad I did. They are quite messy and crazy but reminded me of times when I went out years ago… there was a lot of the music that I enjoyed from college times.

I was out enjoying the party, but also to celebrate my 33rd Birthday which is on Monday. It was fun and will go to another. Very good idea to wear something you don’t really care about getting covered, and to have a hot shower at the end of the night. It took ages to get the paint off, and still not sure if I got it all as it was UV paint.

I don’t write much now, just do not have much time left. I have been writing my dreams down in the paper journal and one day I would like to convert some into stories. I seem to have many adventures and many dreams seem to continue over many nights so its like a second world sometime and I look forward to sharing it with others too.

I don’t often have a free day, there is always something to do… but I planned for this saturday to be free from everything. I planned to sleep in (and somehow woke up refreshed after 4 hours sleep), caught up on TV, Played games, read a little, and got the washing done and its only 3pm now… It seems odd not to be doing something but kinda refreshing too… hence a little time to write on this thing 🙂