Some days are bad, and other days are great!

Thankfully I don’t really seem to have so many bad days nowadays but good days – they are growing and its quite awesome in my thoughts.

On Wednesday night I felt exhausted so went to bed early and was awake thursday after about 11 hours sleep feeling a lot better but not wanting to get up. I went ice skating (not done that in ages) and then on to work for the day followed by some Trampolining, and uni classes and then on out to a hypnotist show at the student union.

I’ve never been to a hypnostist show before that I aware of, we got seats next to the stage so could see everything. People from the audience went up and joined in, I was not one of them. I was thinking – “I could never be hypnotised” – its a point where people need to be willing to accept it.

They did the guided hypnostism on stage and it reminded me a lot of meditation I have done in the past. It was like a guided meditation story and thinking about it, the meditation is like a self hypnotism so maybe I’ve been there several time. I recall listening to the words spoken on stage and feeling inside the peace I get through meditation and then reminding myself not to go there (I don’t want to get publically hypnotised in the crowds). I came to the conclusion that if I was to choose to be involved, I could quite easily be hypnotised – very different to my previous thoughts.

They had people hugging one another as if they were the most comfy pillow, the regular “glasses” illusions, Sounds initiating reactions, the invisible people but seeing the objects moving around, and someone convinced they were a koala bear that went and found the tallest person there, sat and attached them self to them. They looked truelly shocked when awoken.

I am glad I went, and would go again as I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one – apparently it is in freshers week next university year.

I slept really well when I got in, better than I have done in weeks. I awoke with a fuller energy ready for the day and felt really happy all day. So… Some days are bad, but others… they are quite awesome!