I’m going to have extra time… I could actually rest?

I’m coming to the end of the first year of my university degree and notice of all the extra time I will have available to me and one thing that came to me was “I can eat more tasty and healthy meals again” – I know that sounds quite a sad thought really but for the past 8 months of university my days tend to start at around 8am and me not getting back into the house until about 9 or 10pm due to being at work, or at university.

The thought that I can eat a mixture of stirfry’s with fresh ingredients again. I can bulk buy the chicken from Makro (About 5kg batches for one person is a bulk purchase) and get the fresh ingredients from the local farm. I like getting the ingredients from there, they often have only picked it in the last few days if not few hours. Really fresh stuff and often not as expensive as the supermarkets. I’ve not gotten there recently due to their opening hours mixed with my hectic time table.

As I stare at the calendar and see after the 16th May that my calendar is looking very empty from about 6pm each day, it seems so strange. My plan would be to have around a month off from all uni stuff and then start the reading for next year – we have already been given the plan of classes but no other information yet… and thankfully not really – not got through the exams yet for this year.

I hope to get a lot of projects completed, one I’ve worked on alongside university that is near completion but I’ve so many ideas and I’ve been writing them down and putting them aside as I know that I can not do them all, and if I start now with them, I’ll never get through the uni work I need to do and I plan to pass this degree. I’ve worked hard this year to get this far – I’m not stopping now just 10 days or so before all exams are complete.

So, I’m sure that free/extra time will be filled with something very quickly but its a nice thought to see a break even if it will vanish quickly. Maybe I’ll get fitter, do some gardening, write a book, actually complete reading non uni books, or just see a lot more friends again. I’m looking forward to the change, it should be fun!