Trampoline coaching…

I have started for the past couple of weeks to do my trampoline coaching again. I passed the assistant coaching a few years ago but have never really used it more than in the adult classes while I attend to help out. I wanted to do more with it.

On a Monday night now, after work I help out at two of the classes. I’m still re-learning how to teach, a refresher in it all but it seems to be coming back quite fast. I’ve been unable so far to find my coaching booklet but watching people start a move seems to remind me of the progressions and I can advise on how to improve them.

I started the coaching course initially not to help others but to help myself. I had difficulty understanding what some of the coaches were describing me to do and wanted to understand from their point of view so I enrolled on the first course. It took me about a year to complete it, and the exam although scary and nerve wrecking, was not so bad as I had kids and others that worked well with me to get through it.

However after the course and exam and passing, I didn’t use the qualification. I’ve been on the refresher courses, and child protection courses so seem to have lots of certificates for things but was not helping anyone with it all. I wanted to help but never had the time, I needed to make time somehow but that didn’t happen either but since breaking up from university, I had extra time so have started to use it.

After a few more months of experience and getting back into the swing of it all, I would like to train for my level 2 qualification in it and see how I go from there. Level 2 would open doors to do a lot more in trampolining, there seems to be quite a lot of that level in Billingham Trampoline Club – they do seem to like to get as many people trained up. I’ve been told that I should be able to apply for funding towards the costs and the club can help support/pay too which would be great.

I think it is something I could work on alongside my university work as it is a completly different type of learning, it is a lot more about action than theory but still should be an interesting diversion from university work. I didn’t think I would go for any further level, but now, after a couple of weeks of coaching, I want to do more.