Its been a nice break

I’m back at university for my second year now, I’ve not written much over the summer but have rested well and seen a lot of friends. I didn’t go anywhere outside of England but seem to have seen a lot of it.

I visited London during the olympics with a friend, we hadn’t planned for that time – it was where we’d managed to get reasonably cheap travel and accomodation so went for a long weekend on the end of the olympics time.

It was an awesome time and great weather too. We did a lot of walking, according to the google locations tracking, we walked close to 10K in one day just wandering. We visited Victoria Park and Hyde Park and enjoyed the atmostphere. I disliked the free london water it made me feel ill, and was not allowed to bring in nice water as they didn’t allow liquids in which meant drinking before entering.

Over the summer, I managed to see friends all over including reading, london, milton keynes, northampton, leeds, durham, newcastle, york and around. It was a good time, and I am so glad I got a discounted train pass – a useful side effect of being a student. It made travel a little cheaper.

But now… its back to university. I have now got a pile of books to read, and a load of paperwork to read through. We got our first assignment the day before our first class… but about 25 weeks to do it, shame we’ll need to have been in class about 20 weeks before we have all the teaching to do it.

I’m looking forward to the next year, and already enjoying the friendships that I made last year. I didn’t see people over the summer, but with thanks to facebook, email and text messages, we did manage to keep in contact.

Trampoline Coaching

I have been learning to coach again over the summer, just once a week on a Monday evening. I’ve been helping out, while being re-taught how to basically help out. It has been quite enjoyable, and to my suprise my confidence has grown with it.

I still get nervous, and a bit lost with things, but remember the basics and just get on with it now but if I have any problems, I know there are others there that will help me.

I honestly didn’t think I’d manage it, when I started, I couldn’t remember any of the training… I knew what order the moves were meant to be learned in but to teach them broken down… I couldn’t remember. With a few directions from others, it came back and the kids are learning (as well as me).

I plan to continue learning, and when the next opertunity comes up to learn more, I will look for funding and how I can procede to the next level. Although, I don’t think that will be until next year sometime.