Have you seen the Super Bright Orange Penguins??

Orange Penguins

Over the past week some people have seen me in my extremely bright orange hoodie a friend made up for me and asked me what is it about Orange Penguins and why am I wearing it. Well the basic overview is that myself and friend Michelle are going to compete at the Gung-Ho 5K Obsticle challenge. Gung Ho is a 5k fun obstacle race and we are doing this as a goal towards getting fit, loosing weight, and raising funds for Dementia Awareness, and hopefully having fun along the way!!

We are Team Orange Penguins and over the next few months we will talk about how we are doing on the blog at Orange-Penguins.com– we are both not fit and I’ve just had a week at Spring harvest  for a kick in to start getting fitter where there was daily lots of walking and lifting of chairs.

We are hoping to raise over £500 for Dementia awareness and have a Just Giving sponsor page and so far have had around £120 worth of sponsors. I hope that you will sponsor us too and that we can help raise that target by a lot more. I can honestly say that I am not fit and not sure how within 3 months I am going from a non-runner to being able to do the 5K and a set of obstacles. We are both looking at the NHS couch to 5K course that says 6 weeks but thankfully we have 12 at present and its hard work (or so Michelle tells me – I’m not starting until Monday the 4th April)

Sponsor link: http://johnc.info/sponsor
Orange Penguins Blog: http://www.orange-penguins.com

Thank you