Please can you help me?

Good day friends, I am hoping you can help me. I am looking to setting up some sort of organisation and need help on how I can do this. I want to set up an identity that can manage a social enterprise business of sorts to help those who are struggling in life.

I have no idea how to make money out of this to self fund itself and believe it will need significant investment and help from people that know what they are doing. All I have at the moment is an idea and I hope that people can help me expand it and help it grow.

One idea I’ve had is to use affiliated marketing, where people click though and buy via links on a website to raise money for the group or diversify web development into it somehow as that is something I know how to do.

The idea I need help with…

Over the past month, you’ve seen me post many messages on how I’d like a place for people struggling to have somewhere to get support. I am aware there are various organisations that already do this and many are already overwhelmed and need support themselves.

Create a place where people can be fed, provided with resources to live and support to help them to a better place.

From my vision and last years post

“I was standing and praying and found myself in a large building – it seemed like a block of offices that on every few levels had a mixture of shops or services on it and some had green spaces with trees and grassy areas. I was to discover that this was actually a place for those struggling in life from addictions to homelessness to those soon out of work. It was somewhere they could live and get the support they needed all in one place.”

“Now I see people struggling and would love to find a place or set-up a place where people can come and eat and not worry about the cost but have a healthy full filling meal. Somewhere they can stay if they are homeless or struggling or just trying to get away from others and need somewhere to rest.”

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help, and support is a big one along with prayers but this project is not about my beliefs in Christianity but in the hope to help people in my area.

Please have a look and if you can help please get in contact.

  • How to organise this
  • Who to contact
  • How to promote this
  • How to get funding
  • Social enterprise/charity setup
  • Legal advice on best way to do things
  • How you personally want to support
  • Ideas to make money, make it self sufficient
  • Anything else I’ve not thought about yet

I am aware that there will be many skills that I do not have, and if you can help or advise on the following, that could also be really helpful.

  • Design Skills (leaflets, promotion, informing people)
  • Publicity
  • Accounting
  • Legal obligations
  • Business Setup
  • Marketing
  • Advice for raising funds
  • Getting people to help
  • Volunteer management
  • Plus many more things that I clearly have not yet considered

I really appreciate your interest, and hope that you will get in contact and see what we can do.

I can meet with people in Stockton during day times to discuss ideas you may have and if you have any suggestions.

Get in contact so we can set some time out to do it 🙂

Thanks for reading… Until next time…