Tasty suculent chicken thing

I made a nice chicken thing today… No idea why I made it that way… fancied something and kinda just made it up – its quite yummy.

I got one large onion and chopped into 8ths and put in bottom of dish, added some vegi stock, garlic, leak and peppers and stirred.

Added 3 breast of chicken – sprinkled fresh chillis on top and stired in. Then added a foil tray, a little oil and some peppers, leak & Onions.

Covered the lot and let cook on gas mark 4 for an hour. Emptied the oil from the foil tray into chicken mix and returned to heat for 15 minutes.

The chicken has turned out firm and nice with kinda roasted peppers next to it 🙂 The liquid I strained and stored to make the base of a soup this week.

Tastes good.

My ingredients:

1 x leak
1 x Large Onion chopped into eighths
2 x peppers chopped in to chunks
1 x Vegi Stock cube, 1x Chicken stock cube
1 to 2 pints of hot water
4 x Garlic Cloves
2 x Chilli Peppers deseeded finally chopped

Smoothy Mix: Refreshing Energy

Time for a random Smoothy receipe that when I made it earlier was so tasty and even after leaving didn’t seperate – kept nice and smooth in the fridge.

2 x Bananas
400g Strawberries
150g Blackberries
2 tsp Cacao Nibs
3 tsp Goji Berries

Fruit juice to cover fruit in blender.

Blitz the lot, pour and Enjoy!

The Apple

Apples – used for so many things, sometimes as food, sometimes an icon or logo or even a place. Why exactly… I don’t know but its known across the planet.

I’ve came to realise that its a great little thing the apple. Something i’ve never really took the time to enjoy – a snack and yet a mini meal at the same time.

I’ve been trying to replace my snacks at work from sweeties to something a little healthier – I’ve taken on fruit to try it for a bit. I don’t seem to be having those sugar dips mid afternoon anymore since changing. Maybe I had too much sugar before. I know fruit has sugar in it too.

The Banana

I’ve heard a few things about bananas and its use and supposive history. I’ve not researched it so what I say here is probably hearsay…

Is it an energy food or something that helps you rest… some ingredients give energy, others help you relax – it contains minerals, fits nicely in the hand and is easy to eat for young and old with its squishyness.

Is it a genetically made fruit? well in theory everything is but man made genetically over many centuries? I don’t know but its like a super fruit providing so much for people.

Random banana rant over…


I love ginger things… I think its a wonderful herb, scent and food.

I use it in cooking, in remidies and have lotions of it. Quite hard to get hold of the ginger lotion I like but some friends managed for my birthday – A very excellent present.

Did you realise that if you have a cough with mucus in your throat/chest – you can reduce it by just making a kinda tea with grated fresh ginger in hot water. Fresh ginger is really cheap – I usually get about a 10cm piece for about 15 pence. You only need about 1cm cube for tea.

One of my favorite ginger dishes is simply chicken with grounded ginger. Marinade the chopped chicken in about 2 tbsp of olive oil with a 2 tsp of ground ginger and about 1/2 cm fresh ginger and then heat a hot wok and stir fry until cooked. Great over salad leaves like lettuce.

Strange random topic to write about but then again thas just me really – random with a purpose – so is it ever random?

Food… What to eat

Over the past few weeks/months I’ve been worried about my health. I get bad headaches that i’ve been told are migranes, I feel unwell and energy just disappears.

I took some time out and started writing what I ate and when things happened… to find if there is a pattern between what I eat and headaches, or other feelings.

I discovered that what I eat is not good and althou I don’t have loads of junk food – I also do not have a very mixed diet when it comes to food types. I often have different flavourings of things but not the correct or even close to correct portions of types of foods.

I have a low amount of starchy foods in my diet or did until I really realised what they were doing. I’ve always loved vegitables and many meats particularly beef. But often missed the potatoes as thought them as boring and avoided them unless they were chips.

I’ve discovered different ways to cook them from friends suggestions, aswell as TV cook shows, books and the internet. I used to hate rice, unless mixed with a curry but quite like these rice noodles which are just as good.

I was low on energy and still am as not got the balance right yet but cutting down on sweets early in the day is helping overall.

I am having more regular meals – like taking food to work and having meals same time of day each day which seems to help reduce the tiredness and exhaustion I was feeling.

There does seem to be a balance issue. I’ve misunderstood much of what I read on foods previously and currently re-training myself the basics to get back on track.

So don’t think there is anything wrong with me. I just messed up on the things that helped with slow energy release – oops.

Were in a world where we expect things instantly… My energy was the same – a quick fix is a sugar filled drink or chocolate bar whereas some breakfast cerial can be fast but last so much longer.