Backup Internet

After advice from a friend and my internet dying a few weeks ago I decided to look into getting a work around – I bought a mobile dongle off ebay for three internet.

Works out to get 1GB of traffic about £10 on PAYG. I did a little test on how much internet traffic I used apparently through the dongle. I was on 5 minutes and apparently used over 3,000K (3MB) of transfer – I don’t think i’d last long on 1GB usage and that was without the music from spotify – I think that worked out to be around 2 days use if that.

But its a backup so I would generally be using it for email, and probably MSN. I should probably make a bookmark set of basic pages – ones that don’t eat bandwidth for when I’m using it. On a 50mb (20mb ish) connection I don’t often think of bandwidth or speed usage but wouldn’t want to use all my usage in a day or less.

Cost of dongle was around £50, knocked down in shops to around £30 but on ebay was £15 inc Postage so got one there. I was considering when it was £30 – Glad I opened the ebay email advert for a change.