Old Games… of my past anyhow

Many years ago, in the time when a 386 machine was new and there was no graphic cards for the home user. PCs were there for working on not particularly games…

There was a few games that were fun that I used to enjoy playing… It was generally Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain
– as you got them for free as well as a few bought ones.

Favorites were: Worms, PGA Golf and Scorched Earth (which i’m told came from the amiga era) – I often wonder what would happen if I was to play them on PCs of nowadays. These were early 90’s games – great fun – often simple but fun.

I’ve came to find the new updated version of scorched earth that needs a bit more power of a PC than the olden days but it just as much fun if a little more difficult… Its all in 3D like so many games are now.

• Game: Scorched Earth 3D

• Game: Worms

• About Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain

Fun Times 🙂