SHH (LPO) – Adventure Playground

I didn’t know what to expect for wednesday, I signed up for the adventure afternoon which actually involved a variety of safety equipment and a lot of ropes/wires up in the air. There was several different levels you could try, starting with a starter session to get used to it, to much higher and longer routes.

We started small, and worked up – we missed out on one level as the queue of people in front of us and we didn’t want to wait. I think the levels were: yellow, green, white, orange, red, gray, black, then black extreme. I was quite comfortable with the levels up to orange and enjoyed orange.

Red was quite terrifying for me, while up there I was wishing I hadn’t started that route. There was a mixture of ropes bridges, zip wires up and down hill, and quite long between. I felt I had a panic attack of sorts, frozen hugging a tree up high but I got through it – people were quite supportive – maybe to help.. maybe so they could try next, either way I was glad for the company.

I’m a little covered in bruises, and scratches and quite tired but overall I was quite pleased I got through it but don’t think I’d be in any hurry to try the red or above levels. Although fun, it was quite terrifying too – I’ve got through and initial scare and thank fully its over for now. I want to try the games again thou so maybe next time.