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The plan is to take a picture of something in that day, and write some thoughts on whats happened or something like that. So far its been kept up to date.

Day 1: End of 2009
Day 2: Beggining 2010
Day 3: Read left or right its the same date in the US
Day 4: End of new years break
Day 5: Back to work
Day 6: Semi fake milk
Day 7: The sixth day

So one week down so far, 51 or so to go.

No Internet

Its strange how much you don’t realise you use it until the connection dies. This past saturday our cable internet stopped working and mid sunday when i’ve written this – it still is not working.

I’ve got my mobile working MSN, and realised I can’t play games with friends as needs the internet – no email, no news checking, no internet TV, music etc I really do use it a lot.

Outside is pouring rain, so can’t easily work outside so instead I write these things.

Realisation that in reality I depend on an internet connection to the outside world and don’t really have a backup internet connection unless you could Dial-up of which accounts you have to signup online for… kinda defeats the point really.

So being offline for a few days while at home allowed me to do other things like reading books – odd but i’d forgotten how much i enjoyed it.

Back on around 16:30 – Now i’ve got access, I don’t really fancy using it much… Nevermind.