Its something I’ve been doing a while now… and I am slowly learning. Over the past month I seem to have been learning a lot faster or maybe just more willing to try new things again.

The only thing thats changed is that now i’ve started wearing contact lenses and everything seems more balanced, focused plus I don’t need to worry about knocking my glasses

I see people try it and seem to pass my level within two weeks of going which is annoying but I’m happy where I am.

I would like to be able to do sumasaults, forward and backward and think over time I will be able too – at the moment thou I’m still on the basics.

Front Drops – I was always terrified of them… maybe from the amount of times its went wrong and I’ve face planted the trampoline or bent myself in a wierd shape hurting for a while…

Front drops have become easier – The latest few things i’ve learned is seat drop to front to seat again and Back drop to front. Its getting easier but still quite off putting sometimes but no faceplants in months so thats a good thing.

I really enjoy the trampolining, and have made quite a load of good friends there too – everyone of them unique and supportive in different ways.

My favorite saying in trampolining: “Higher Higher…”