Spring Harvest

I got it.. I found out a few days ago that I can actually do the stewarding after all the references, CRB checks and appliactions that I can go for the week I wanted to help out.

It will be different to other events i’ve helped with – a lot bigger, it will be nice to see how its done there.

I think it will be quite enjoyable. I’ve been to spring harvest once before – it was with the CU years ago. I remember going into the place and thinking “WOW” to the size of it and soon after wanting to help and see what happens in the background and how it all works together.

Its taken about 5 years to get around to the application and after around 7 months of waiting for things to process I got the email confirmation to say I’ve got through and clicked the confirm attendance link.

Something different to look forward to and only a few weeks to go.