What happened over summer 2000…

I went to message 2000, Just as my other friends have and saw so much. I expected a few meetings together, talk to a few people and have fun. I was wrong and was told I was going to “Evangelise” – Well thatscared me, I thought “Me? Why me?, someone else can do that, anyways I can’t do that”

Have you ever really thought about it “Can I evangelise>” Let me put it another way… “Can I help? and tell someone about God?” In basic terms:

  • God loves you and Cares
  • God wants you to be free

Jesus came to earth, from heaven, grew up and worked, then for 3 to 3.5 years he set out on foot, and spoke to thousands of people about God his Father.

During this time he did miricles and healed many people. To top off everything, He set us free from Sin. Sin is the wrong stuff we do… From pinching something to hurting each other. Jesus died on a cross and othe the third day He rose from the dead and appeared to many people.

He then rose into the sky, and the Holy Spirit was sent to be with us and Jesus gave the commandment to tell everyone that they can be saved and all they need to do is believe.

Believe that Jesus died for their sins and invite Jesus to live within them.

The message is still the same after 2000+ years.

Well I realised all the gospel was, is Jesus’ Life and I knew about that, how else was I a Christian if I hadn’t heard the gospel before.

Anyway, at message 2000 which was based in Manchester, we were split into teams, all about 10 Thousand and send out to work on projects in and around manchester.

Talking with others

Myself, and another from our church group were on a Childrens Project which was basically playing games and listening to them. We also went out and spoke to people on the streets. It was actually fun which I seemed strange but cool. Some ignored us but most people were interested. I was suprised.

We went out in pairs to talk to people about God, the first day I went I was really nervous. I’d seen others seem to do it and really didn’t like the idea that I was to talk but wanted to have a go anyhow. It didn’t quite go to plan, my partner lead the initial speech and passed to me… I had words but no voice came out – I totally froze – my partner took over and the chat continued.

The next day, we went out again – I was determined to try and get past it and yet again, my partner started the talk and them passed over to me, this time it was different – words came out and the other person didn’t just shoot me down – it was a conversation and it was good… I continued the rest of the day fine.. a lot easier than I first thought.

The night events were great: An Arena full of youth about 12 to 14 thousand people all praising and learning more about God together.

I now feel I have a heard to see God work in Childrens lives after working with them. Friends from church has said they’ve seen a change in me, which is for a posative.

Harvest 2000

One night at harvest was particularly awesome
– a night of true passion.

We were on the last night, praising in the large tent like most other nights of harvest – singing worship to God where everything seemed to change.

Worship was everything, I could feel the presence of God in the large tent. We started at 7pm, and the event was still going at 11pm and felt a peace that was amazing. You had to praise – nothing else felt right or approproate.

I can not expl;ain what happened & don’t think I want too… but was pleased that I was a part of it. The band “Soul Survivor” could not lead but the crowd leaded about 7 to 9 hundred young people, mainly teens.

Can you imagine it?

It was a good God Filled summer, now to continue with life and hopefully not loose that passion that feels like a fire bubbling trying to get out.