House Cleaning Time

In general I try to keep my home tidy and clean and once a week I try to blitz the place and get everything nice and tidy to a state I’d call normal and in general I’ve kept to it.

Spring Cleaning time… Its taken a few days to do it properly. All windows cleaned, Curtains washed, all skirting boards washed down, floors, cuboards cleaned out, oven cleaned and even washing the hoover/filters etc.

Its not something I mind doing, althou my organisation is awful at times it does feel good when its all sorted.

How often do people usually clean/clear things.. Is it different because I don’t have a family living with me?

I don’t know – I was always brought up with keeping things tidy and clean.. I’ve learned from talking
with others not everyone got this type of guidance but I am glad I was as its a nice place to live in 🙂