Trampoline Coaching

I have been learning to coach again over the summer, just once a week on a Monday evening. I’ve been helping out, while being re-taught how to basically help out. It has been quite enjoyable, and to my suprise my confidence has grown with it.

I still get nervous, and a bit lost with things, but remember the basics and just get on with it now but if I have any problems, I know there are others there that will help me.

I honestly didn’t think I’d manage it, when I started, I couldn’t remember any of the training… I knew what order the moves were meant to be learned in but to teach them broken down… I couldn’t remember. With a few directions from others, it came back and the kids are learning (as well as me).

I plan to continue learning, and when the next opertunity comes up to learn more, I will look for funding and how I can procede to the next level. Although, I don’t think that will be until next year sometime.