Spring Harvest 2009

Some of you know that I like to help at Harvest – a Christian Youth camp once a year in north east england. Help with the stewarding teams however I can and have done since around August 1999.

Now i’m going to try for spring harvest that happens in different locations around the UK. Its over the easter break time so minimum time off work.

I am currently awaiting the application to be confirmed. I’m just awaiting on references now. Passed the other 8 parts of application including yet another CRB check. Now i’ve had 3 of these over the past few years – why they need new ones every time i’m not sure.

It should be very different as it won’t be just young people but a mixture of young people, kids, and adults as its not particularly age specific.

It will be a new challenge, another one for this year. I hope I get on the team and look forward to the event.

Link: Spring Harvest Website