Variety of Life

I love that I’ve such variety in life, and not just working or one thing. My weekly mix of things include of course: work, but then there is the trampolining, dance, gym/swimming, the games, occasional TV, Cinema, Hanging out – having drinks, cooking foods, chatting or even being online and chatting / playing / working from there too.

Recently its been more on the side of trying to make a business work, and it takes a lot to know whats happening and what is to be done. I’m enjoying it but not so much the constant paper works – even when its not on paper.

Recently went to a friends for a curry night, a time with friends and new friends to eat together and do a quiz. Our team won the quiz – somehow, I’m not sure why but we all got some prizes… there was I can recall a puzzle, a book, some humbug sweets and a back scratcher – there was something more I think but don’t recall what it was. I know it was enjoyable and do thank those that organised it. You know who you are 🙂