Day 10 – discuss your first love and first kiss.

My first love and first kiss was both with the same girl, when I was 17 and in college. The same year I discovered a lot of myself, the freedoms that like can provide, many lows and many more highs. I learned to drive when 17 or at least thats when I started.

My relationship lasted over 12 months, and overall quite awesome. I discovered many things and enjoyed my time with her.

Although looking back, I don’t see that we had much money to do things, we always found something we could do together, be that cooking & eating, going to the park, walking litterally everywhere, watching movies, enjoying a night out occasionally and spending lots of time with friends and just with one another.

My first kiss… I had talked with friends about kissing, and seen movies with it in but before 17, hadn’t experienced it for myself. It was an afternoon after college, I’d walked her home and we stopped near the lights. I wasn’t sure what you were meant to do, and don’t really remember a lot of it – just that I was happy and we both were smiling a lot afterwards. The first kiss, was with my then new girlfriend and first love.

Day 1 – Single life is….

I’ve been single for a while now, over 6 years since my last real relationship. I do feel lonely some times but overall am quite happy.

I have so many freedoms with being single thats allowed me to learn so many things and do all sorts from dancing, and trampolining, to seeing friends around the country and starting my own business aswell as working in events and for charity groups.

I do miss the comfort and just having someone there to talk to and spend time with. But I keep getting told it will happen one day… I’d prefer that sooner than later really.