Creatures of the house

How many of us have found food we thought we had we have no more and not because we ate it… but something else had.

I’ve been sorting through my cuboards, clearing out old stuff. I found I had products in there that we dated early 2003 which is odd considering I moved in here in late 2005 so that was nice to discover.

I cleared the shelves and it all seemed good and then got to the bottom shelf where things were not so good anymore… Where a lot of my herbs, and Teas are kept and a lot of snack products like rivita, and other dried breads and crackers….

Seems the should have been kept in glass as something had eaten its way through and into every box, and packet be it cardboard or plastic… all with contents spread over the bottom shelves now…

It took me a while to clear, and I didn’t find anything that was eating its way but its one way to clear a cuboard – shame as now have to go get new stuff… Nevermind, glad its sorted and didn’t happen with company – that would be uncomfortable.

I don’t like to think what other creatures are around the house… I just accept there are things, and the less I know the better… then I don’t over think it.

“Ignorance is bliss, until you understand why!”