Lost contact, changed contact…

I, like many others try to keep in contact with people. I now seem to have many many contacts from all different aspecs of life including University, Trampolining, Spring Harvest, Church, IXth hour, close friends, polotics, aswell as family and others. I’ve not really kept in contact with people recently… its hard to find the time if I am going to get work done as well.

I find it quite difficult to keep up with all thats going on, facebook seems a nice idea to see a glimpse of whats happening and what people are up too and gives a point, reminder to some of the stuff to further ask questions about but also maybe shares a little too much details some times.

Recently I’ve cleared my contacts list from around 450+ to around 270 ish and still thats a lot of people. I got to thinking about all those people I had on there and If I was to meet them, would I stop and chat or just maybe smile and carry on. Many of the contacts were from school times, and even then I wouldn’t have really chatted with them – or called them a friend, so why keep them on the list. Initially I had many to be nosey – to see how people have changed since then and for many I’ve re-made good connections, and still making some connections now.

Blogs and stuff. Do you have one? I know I’m writing mine now. Its a place to express what I’m thinking or going through – to try and explain a bit about where I am coming from in life and share openly and easily. Leave me a message – tell me your link.

Many friends have blogs I’m aware of, but I’ve not really read any since March this year – I just stopped. There seemed so much happening that I didn’t have time to stop and read… and now to start from where I finished will take a while but i’ll catch up again.

I had not really updated mine for several months, althou still have loads to say. Having so many words, and images in my mind about all that is happening and that I can get involved with. Its an explosive time with the masses of information being processed… its all mixed up but still I want to share – be it via chat, text, email or something else – to express myself in a way thats just me.

Recently I’ve changed my phone plan – I get unlimited texts and around 100 minutes – I don’t think I’ve ever used all my minutes up that I get free with my phone, however have previously gone over on texts – hopefully that won’t happen anymore. Landline calls – I get them all free or at least included in the plan I’m on. Skype – that allows free calls too (of sorts) – Chatting on phone – something I’ve never really gotten on well with, but maybe something to try a bit more.

It was school days…

I’ve been on facebook for a while and seem to get friend requests from people of school times, people that have recognised a face from back then which would be early 90’s when we were there. I’ve often added them, but put them on limited profile to start with.

I do get nosey, wondering how they’ve been and what they now do in life. I see friends leaving messages for each other from the “groups” of that time in life.

While at school, i was a quiet one. I was nervous frequently and not very confident. The only thing I was really confident with was my faith – I didn’t care what people thought of me when it came to that but anything else I seemed to stay quiet.

When I was in junior school I was loud, a lot. Which many people nowadays or even from secondary school would find it hard to believe. I was told for several years to be quiet, ignored and taunted/bullied and it was easier to be quite to please than fight it so I went quiet. Nowadays I get loud when excited but in general a quiet person.

School did shape me a lot, but college gave me a freedom I’d not known. People who were there, were there because they wanted to learn about the chosen subject and althou got picked on a little, it was a lot free’r and I could do so much more without so many limits.

Getting back to school, I knew lots of people – and lots knew me. I had a few base friends, most of which I am still great friends with and see often if not daily.

The majority of others, and maybe most that have now found me on facebook I wouldn’t recognise if out and about, but seem happy to talk via a virtual connection online. I find its great to see life changes in people. Many people i knew then are now married or in relationships… some with each other wheras at school they seemed to hate one another.

So many changes and yet still recognised to a point. Probably not by name, but the way some people looked. Its great the idea to litterally see how people are. I do like the way facebook allows you to see a kind of timeline through pictures and comments of just how some people have grown over time.

I can’t say I enjoyed school times, but do see it shaped me. Its where i realised I loved dance, but was too afraid to actually go for it. Its taken about 12 years after finishing school to finally start with dance, and I do love it althou know that I’m not particurlly good at it but its great fun.