Am I being followed?

I’ve had a very strange senstation today – as though some one or something has been watching everything I do… Be it driving, eating, chilling, or even now… while writing this up.

Its not like a person following, but like something seeing what I’m doing – and its in my mind that I feel it – it is quite disturbing. There is nothing that I can do about it, but still I feel I should share it too.

So, Bank holiday weekend – new one in what feels like a long time, so far nothing exciting – the most I’ve done is the ironing I’ve had laid in a pile ready for something to be done with – at least thats sorted.

Hoping to see a friend tommorrow – Not sure what the plan is but at least it won’t be stuck at home with no-one but kittens to talk too.

Anyhow, Hope your having a good holiday / mini break. On another note, a way I don’t mind people following me is twitter: