Time Out – Leeds

Last weekend I went to leeds to stay with some good friends, I’ve not seen them in ages and found one of them was up near me on Friday so we drove down to leeds in the evening.

Weekends usually consist of cooking, chilling out, playing games, drinking and chatting but this weekend was different. For one thing the weather was a lot nicer than usual – mid 20’Cs. We still did a lot of what we usually do but in the afternoon I went rock climbing with one of them. I’ve only done it 3 times before, and not really done much of it.

I really enjoyed the day, we were there for about 4 hours in total. We both didn’t really think we’d last over 2 hours. I’ve never tried bouldering which was a lot harder work than I anticipated. I do wish that there was something in Teesside that offered such a variety of wall climbing things. The one I’ve been to at the moment, is just one wall instead of the 10+ ones that were there. Its something I plan to go to again.

Monday was a good day, it was gorgeous hot sunny day and I had it booked off – just felt I needed a break and found out on Friday, my friend also was off the monday (and rest of week). We had a day out, a good walk into the town centre to get a pie and then back via the park.

Something I’ve not done in years, we went to the play park and went on the swings – Always loved going on the swings and think in the future if I have a garden, its something I would add to it as it gives a great feeling of freedom while your flying through the air. We played frizbee for about an hour or so too, in lovely sunshine and a little rain which was refreshing before walking back.

It may sound simple, and quite boring to many but it was a lot of fun and something I plan to do again. All in all, it was a great weekend, relaxing and good time with friends.

Euphoria – Friends or God?

I can recall times of being lost within myself but totally happy at the same time. Times in worship at different things including church, harvest, spring harvest and IXth hour where everything just feels right and time – time is something that is there but doesn’t seem to pass – there is just a joy and happyness feeling completely safe and that you don’t want to end. A kind of euphoria that to be is honest and I do miss.

I watch on TV some of the things that happen on the God Channel, a channel I’m not that fond of on tv – I find that a lot of the time it makes what I believe in look silly and not serious. I find what I believe in shapes life – its not just a sunday or an event thing but something that really helps shape me, be it in how I speak, act and relate to people.

How I can encourage others, and look to their gifts in the world and see what they could do with their lives if they choose too. I think people are all amazing… some are annoying but were all made to like and not mix so well with others… but were all in this together… Someone for everyone.

When i was a child, I did not have many good friends – only around 5 in total and still today 20 years on I still have those good friends and now so many many more. Some that are so close and supportive and I feel really blessed for it and see so many posibilities for many of them.

I thought that no-one really liked me, I had difficulty speaking with people and just being myself, always trying to slightly be like others but keep my own flavour too. Always believed that I am who I am, I can try to be “like” others but thats never truelly going to be me.

Over time, I have grown thankfully… I have many friends in many diversities of life, mixing interest from allsorts from trampolining, and dancing to church or just to go out and play pool, swim or ten pin bowling. Some I can talk technical with and know that will inspire me and I them in issues that at first seem difficult and then exciting…. still difficult but knowing that others will support you in them.

I am blessed and thankful to them all. I see it as a very different euphoria with friends… I am really happy when I am with them, and talk, chat online with them. We work well together and well, enjoy it too – a true euphoric time here on this plain of existance.

Variety of Life

I love that I’ve such variety in life, and not just working or one thing. My weekly mix of things include of course: work, but then there is the trampolining, dance, gym/swimming, the games, occasional TV, Cinema, Hanging out – having drinks, cooking foods, chatting or even being online and chatting / playing / working from there too.

Recently its been more on the side of trying to make a business work, and it takes a lot to know whats happening and what is to be done. I’m enjoying it but not so much the constant paper works – even when its not on paper.

Recently went to a friends for a curry night, a time with friends and new friends to eat together and do a quiz. Our team won the quiz – somehow, I’m not sure why but we all got some prizes… there was I can recall a puzzle, a book, some humbug sweets and a back scratcher – there was something more I think but don’t recall what it was. I know it was enjoyable and do thank those that organised it. You know who you are 🙂

My time in London – Its the Weekend :)

Saturday has been a generally nice day, didn’t feel too well in the morning but thankfully it was gone by around 2pm.

I headed over to the Museum of Science, I liked it but think I enjoyed the History one yesterday more. It was busy, but that is expected on a weekend and in school holiday, but wasn’t so busy that you couldn’t see anything.

I liked looking through the past of computers and time, one item that was a slanted ball and table to count seconds caught my eye – it was said to be quite unreliable but still I liked it.

After the museum, I wandered around for a while and looked for something to eat. I was tempted to try sushi as never done before but couldn’t find anywhere that did a sample seleciton at a price I would pay… I looked for under £15 and the only places that had anything on offer close were empty while other restaurants were full – I didn’t see it as a good sign so ate somewhere else.

Eating alone isn’t much fun if out and about, althou did give me more time to read between service. I noticed while alone, that people serving give off a feeling of disaproval… maybe its always there but I’m destracted from other people to notice it or as being alone, I was just more observent – either way it didn’t feel right

On the way back, a guy decided that the busy underground train was a good place to try some busking, and he had a large portable speaker and microphone of which he sang several songs very badly, and his actions – well… The less said the better to be honest. But he made myself and several laugh – probably not the intended reaction but it was a reaction.

I wasn’t out late on saturday night, back in by 10pm which around London is still quite early. I plan to be at church in the morning – assuming I can find it, then its getting ready to head back up north to Teesside again.

Its been a good break from the norm, don’t know if I could live in the City and Work, but overall its a nice place in my opinion… then again everything unless stated here is my opinion… just to make that seen.

Anyhow bed time now, its 2:49am and really I should be asleep by now but instead almost going to sleep on laptop.

Friday Night Out :) Good Time.

On friday night I went to a friend from works engagement party and had a really good time. When ever I’ve been out at a work related night I’ve never drank – usually as I needed to drive home afterwards and thats never a mix I want to do. This night was different, Got dropped off and a taxi back later on – was a good plan and worked well.

I have a variety of drinks, usually either malibu or bacardi mixed with pepsi – not as great as coke cola but still worked well. I chose not to mix anything else and was thankful I didn’t. It was an enjoyable night, and was glad to be with friends.

After the engagement party, we headed into middlesbrough to one place that was quite crowded on linthorpe road. I enjoyed the music, but had stopped drinking – I know my general limits between having a good night, and having a good followed by bad night – seems I learned something else from uni after all.

We headed over to what used to be known as the purple onion in middlesbrough after about 30 minutes, and mixed in a wierd set of music – or at least wierd to me – it seemed as thou you had to be high on something more than alchol to “appreciate” the atmostphere – and a lot of people looked like they were on something. We had to pay £5 to get in – It was nice to see people, but we didn’t stay long.

The energy in the place just felt wrong, as thou we and everyone else was being sucked down a drain hole. Spiriling down into something out of place. Many were just going with the flow – others felt it very odd there too but I don’t think they saw it the same as I did.

A small group of us headed back to the other place, and enjoyed the rest of the night there. It was a lot less crowded now – I think many had moved on elsewhere after we had left. We enjoyed the rest of the night, Chatting, Dancing, Taking some really random photos, and some continued drinking althou according to facebook, seems that might have been a bad choice (hangovers).

The end of the night consisted of drinks being sold to some of the group, and then before them leaving the bar – the “security team” trying to throw people out immediatly. I think there is something in law saying that they have to give 20 mins or more drink up time after sales but never actually read that anywhere – just heard it in hearsay. However to sell a product that is unusable could probably be counted as an illegal sale or at least refundable as you were unable to use it but I’m not too sure.

We all got taxi’s home, and rested – some on Saturday were reporting on facebook that “they’ll never drink again” – maybe its just better to know when to stop… a semi-simple approach of when your drink is finished, wait 10 to 20 mins before getting another or having a swap: alchol then soft drink can work quite well too. All in all, a great time out and I’m glad that I chose to go.

Happy now…

I have a joy inside me that i’ve really no idea where its really coming from, maybe its me looking forward to tonight – seeing so many friends and enjoying a night out celebrating a birthday – Probably that.

But i’ve heard things that have given me a buzz. As I’ve said before I do love looking at the moon and this morning / tonight there is a full one in the sky. I think its got a lot to do with the many great memories I’ve got associated with nights where I’ve seen it. A commonality between episodes.

Went to bed last night around 2am, and saw the moon nicely in the sky over the very heavy looking clouds… Woke this morning to clear blue sky and a white covering all over wherever was green – quite a change but still kinda exciting.

Anyhow… Going for a walk and when back getting ready to go out. For now, I just feel really happy – So i’m sticking with it. Quite different to my last post.


I look up to the moon and love it when there is a clear night with all the stars and a full moon. It just feels right as how things should be. Its often cold but so peaceful too.

One night I met a friend and we both just laid back close to my home, on a field that was outside of any lighting so we could see the stars – so many beautiful stars shinning in the full moon light.

It feels that there is so much out there and we are so small but the stars look small to us and in reality are huge.. what are we to the smaller things in life. How many universes are in our hands? We could hold somethings reality and never actually know it.

I like to look up at the moon, I feel a peace and seems to refresh me. I can just stop and watch. Its always better when there are others there… Best when you can just stop together, watch and listen in silence and be free… I do love it… its very simple in life, and happens ever 29 point something days but has to be clear night or little cloud.

I think the last one was around halloween, kinda good timing in an eerie kind of way. so next one is near the start of the month so about now really.

Seeing friends – meeting new people

Over the weekend i’ve met up with a friend that I’ve known a while and we decided to go into county durham and meet some of her friends. Went for a meal and to the pub quiz – which we didn’t do too bad in, which was a suprise – think its the first quiz I actually knew several answers to questions instead of one or none.

I met her friends and it was like instant relaxation and getting one with one another – thats not happened in a long time. I’ve not litterally met with people and got on right away with what was no less than hi, my name is… quick intro and head on out. It was really good.

I was glad to see her and meet more people. I often get to meet a lot of people and know a lot of people from all different things. I find it good to know people or at least start to get to know people. Its been good.

I think that I write more when I feel happy. A more eveness in the world. Not that I’ve been feeling down or anything just not especially happy either. Inspiration from happyness. I guess its more that I like to try and make people happier and its easier when your feeling in happy.

I’ve found when I see friends often I am a lot happier. 🙂

Helpful Days of Chatful Joy

Today has been a good day for me. I’m getting back my ability to write again as there has been no updates for well over a month or so and yet so much has happened. Today I will just speak of today but I have so much more to say now.

I got lost trying to find a friends hometown some 30 minutes from my own. Found the friend late and had coffee and chat – heard a little of their life of the past few months and shared a little of mine.

Today was a time to share and learn about friends experiences over the past few months. I met with 2 friends and had an interesting conversation with another on the phone never mind the multiple chats online aswell telling me of engagements and changes in life for them – its quite exciting the future for so many I am close too.

Tyre Changing

After seeing one friend and chatting I wandered for a while before heading over to my hometown. I was meeting another friend for Coffee – I had a hot chocoalte later on but that wasn’t until after shopping with her – and her asking lots of questions about clothing and shoes I didn’t really have answers for – most things looked the same to me.

Before meeting up, I had some time to use up so headed towards the library in stockton after parking up and as I was walking I noticed an old guy attempting to change a flat tyre – he looked troubled – I walked past and stopped, thought and returned. I asked if I could help in any way – I didn’t really know how I could but just wondered if I could.

I helped the guy change his tyre – he seemed very grateful for the help as couldn’t get things working – we changed it together and chatted a little. Took around 20 minutes to do it and I just said to him at the end “Glad I could help” with a smile, and went on my way – only to go to the library to clean my hands from the oil of the wheel.

As I was finishing I Noticed he had disabled sticker in his car too, and may have had more difficulty. It was odd to see so many people (including police) just walk by and not offer any help.

We seem to live in this world where we expect everything to be done for you but not to actually step out and help or to be paid for something – I guess I was paid in joy of helping cos it felt good to do so.

So, so far I’m having an amazing day… but before I went back to help I asked God “should I?” and then went for it. Its not something i’d often do but maybe we should take more time out and look at what is happening in life around us and see what 20 mins time out to help can do for another… I now wonder what else we as a people or a church can do so simply.

I like the way my life is evolving, and the understanding of simple tasks can make such a difference. I look forward to the time where I will have another like you have, but am quite excited on what I can now do on my own.