Friday Night Out :) Good Time.

On friday night I went to a friend from works engagement party and had a really good time. When ever I’ve been out at a work related night I’ve never drank – usually as I needed to drive home afterwards and thats never a mix I want to do. This night was different, Got dropped off and a taxi back later on – was a good plan and worked well.

I have a variety of drinks, usually either malibu or bacardi mixed with pepsi – not as great as coke cola but still worked well. I chose not to mix anything else and was thankful I didn’t. It was an enjoyable night, and was glad to be with friends.

After the engagement party, we headed into middlesbrough to one place that was quite crowded on linthorpe road. I enjoyed the music, but had stopped drinking – I know my general limits between having a good night, and having a good followed by bad night – seems I learned something else from uni after all.

We headed over to what used to be known as the purple onion in middlesbrough after about 30 minutes, and mixed in a wierd set of music – or at least wierd to me – it seemed as thou you had to be high on something more than alchol to “appreciate” the atmostphere – and a lot of people looked like they were on something. We had to pay £5 to get in – It was nice to see people, but we didn’t stay long.

The energy in the place just felt wrong, as thou we and everyone else was being sucked down a drain hole. Spiriling down into something out of place. Many were just going with the flow – others felt it very odd there too but I don’t think they saw it the same as I did.

A small group of us headed back to the other place, and enjoyed the rest of the night there. It was a lot less crowded now – I think many had moved on elsewhere after we had left. We enjoyed the rest of the night, Chatting, Dancing, Taking some really random photos, and some continued drinking althou according to facebook, seems that might have been a bad choice (hangovers).

The end of the night consisted of drinks being sold to some of the group, and then before them leaving the bar – the “security team” trying to throw people out immediatly. I think there is something in law saying that they have to give 20 mins or more drink up time after sales but never actually read that anywhere – just heard it in hearsay. However to sell a product that is unusable could probably be counted as an illegal sale or at least refundable as you were unable to use it but I’m not too sure.

We all got taxi’s home, and rested – some on Saturday were reporting on facebook that “they’ll never drink again” – maybe its just better to know when to stop… a semi-simple approach of when your drink is finished, wait 10 to 20 mins before getting another or having a swap: alchol then soft drink can work quite well too. All in all, a great time out and I’m glad that I chose to go.

To dance and be so free

To dance and be so free – lost in the moment.

On saturday night I went to a place in town I’ve not been before called kilamanjo’s – they had a night of salsa and food. A friend from work invited anyone who wanted to go to it, only myself and them went.

I was told the wrong time – an hour of difference so I was early – it was meant to start at 8pm – I was told 7pm so was early arriving just after 7. Gave me time to write, and mix with people as they came in.

First time in around 3 months having alchol with a tasty wine. Fruity but not too steet – then again its a red so i dont think it should be too sweet. I only had 2 glasses of wine, otherwise it was softdrinks – its not good to have a lot of alchol then try dancing – especially when co-ordination is a major factor.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing

It was good to see people smiling, I wondered how I’d get on, knowing that it was going to be fun and it was – the food was good too – think i’ll go there again even if its not a salsa night.

I hoped to get lots of dancing done and have lots of fun. It was great fun and I was told I suprised people that I could do at least the basics… I went blank and couldn’t remember how to do things so just stuck with the very basics of moves but was still a lot of fun.

I got to speak with so many people… I was alone for a while so did the general intro of “hi, I don’t really know anyone here so thought i’d introduce myself and see how it goes..” the general reply was welcoming and we got on well.

I saw a few people i’d met from classes when I started there and caught up of whats been happening in life. It was good to see them as it meant I had different groups of people to mix with and wasn’t hanging around with those that invited me.

It was a good night, and headed home soon after midnight as was tired and most people had headed off. I had a good night, with new and old friends.

I need to work out how to use confidence, and remember what I can off the moves to use when dancing.. I think half of it is wondering what others think but when I do things its enjoyable. Try to stay posative, and remember everyone was a starter at one point.

Seeing friends – meeting new people

Over the weekend i’ve met up with a friend that I’ve known a while and we decided to go into county durham and meet some of her friends. Went for a meal and to the pub quiz – which we didn’t do too bad in, which was a suprise – think its the first quiz I actually knew several answers to questions instead of one or none.

I met her friends and it was like instant relaxation and getting one with one another – thats not happened in a long time. I’ve not litterally met with people and got on right away with what was no less than hi, my name is… quick intro and head on out. It was really good.

I was glad to see her and meet more people. I often get to meet a lot of people and know a lot of people from all different things. I find it good to know people or at least start to get to know people. Its been good.

I think that I write more when I feel happy. A more eveness in the world. Not that I’ve been feeling down or anything just not especially happy either. Inspiration from happyness. I guess its more that I like to try and make people happier and its easier when your feeling in happy.

I’ve found when I see friends often I am a lot happier. 🙂

Lord of the Dance

Its good to remember what you miss sometimes… For you can go and often try it again. Remembering what is lost and what could be found again.

Lord of the Dance

Lord of the Dance

On friday night I went to sunderland empire theatre with a friend, we went to see Lord of The Dance. It was a good show with Good seats, and company.

Lots of dancing, a little singing and a lot of music – I would recommend seeing it – it was great. I really enjoyed it, althou still not sure what the story was if there was one.

I’ve always loved dance – the expression of self in relation to music and sounds. To flow or just move and enjoy. I miss it – not been in a while, one reason was headaches (Hard to concentrate on a beat, when there’s a pulsing extra beat in your head), another is money (Costs to go to classes), and time – I seem to fill it doing just stuff or work.

I look forward to getting back to it. I’m unlikely to ever be fit enough as a dancer is but I will enjoy the time, and hopefully get better at it.

On my Bike..

A friend gave me a spare bike he had. He offered me it sometime last year and I got around to collecting it last week. I got a hand pump and blew up the tyres and checked the breaks. I dont have, lights, a lock or a helmet but last time I rode was before helmets.

I went out for a short time this saturday afternoon. It was a suprise I couldn’t do it right away – my balance and co-ordination was all over the place – after a few minutes it came back to me how to do it so I guess its true you always can ride once learnt.

It was harder work than I expected and there were lots of gears, last time I had a bike was the early 90’s and I had 5 to 7 gears max – I kept clicking through them on this bike by accident and realised why people dont wear jeans much on bikes (it gets caught)

Its another fitness thing I should do, I am so unfit now to how I used to be. I remember when young and little being able to ride for miles just for fun not for the exercise but actual fun.

Now I lack in energy to do it – think my diet has a lot to do with it and were not so active anymore – even at uni – drove to uni but it was walking all over campus and taking the stairs (I hated the lift) and it didn’t matter if I was on 2nd floor or 10th I still took the stairs.