Day 2 – where I’d like to be in 10 years.

In ten years time, I will be 42 – Will I understand the meaning of everything? Probably not, but I hope to have discovered a lot more of life.

My Plan is to be Happy

Things I hope to have done by then include completing a degree, learning to play the guitar, learning many new things in trampolining past just sumasaults, found a job I can really enjoy and pays the bills.

I can imagine me moving to somewhere else in the country. Finding something to be passionate about and really just going for it. Its all imagination at the moment as I can’t see it happening yet.

Other life things… Enjoying myself in a family scene. I’d hope that I was making some girl very happy too and together making a family. I love to work with youth groups now, I think I would really enjoy my own family.

A time of Nothingness or Everything

Walking into my room, looking through the darkness and seeing a window. The curtains open and the outside gray. No colour, no light just gray – a nothingness.

Am I dreaming while I look or seeing something that seems like life. A time where so much can happen and yet can not distinguish what I am seeing in the future posabilities.

Is there so many that its all one mesh or so little that things are picked at and the gray is just dust.

Recently I’ve been unwell, lack of energy, headaches, light sensativity aswell as many other things. Its just life – we all get ill. Its annoying – I can see all these things I want to do and can not do them – just writing a list to work through when better.

I see it all but its just a confusing pile of future – so many posabilities. Whats next?