More recently I’ve wanted to play board games rather than computer based ones.. going back to a time before computers were everywhere. Always have enjoyed

Older IT games, before facebook there was neopets. Recently I’ve discovered I have pets on the game over 8 years of age… probably older than some of the people now playing on it strangely enough.

I remember times of Shareware games in DOS. Great fun in the olden times, sharing how to do things, get past codes and make our own versions and passing them on.

Old Games… of my past anyhow

Many years ago, in the time when a 386 machine was new and there was no graphic cards for the home user. PCs were there for working on not particularly games…

There was a few games that were fun that I used to enjoy playing… It was generally Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain
– as you got them for free as well as a few bought ones.

Favorites were: Worms, PGA Golf and Scorched Earth (which i’m told came from the amiga era) – I often wonder what would happen if I was to play them on PCs of nowadays. These were early 90’s games – great fun – often simple but fun.

I’ve came to find the new updated version of scorched earth that needs a bit more power of a PC than the olden days but it just as much fun if a little more difficult… Its all in 3D like so many games are now.

• Game: Scorched Earth 3D

• Game: Worms

• About Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain

Fun Times 🙂