Addicted to sugar

I think I’m addicted to sugar and sweet things. I just love the taste and can not think of almost any day that I’ve not had something with sugar in it. I can recall a time when my headaches were bad and I cut cafeen out – that took chocolate out at the same time. I did it for a month – it didn’t effect the headaches – I still got them.

I know there are many addictions, and freinds have struggled through the withdrawl and pains of it all. I am thankful that I’m not diabetec – I don’t think I’d survive. Many of my friends are, and at least I’ve usually got something on me that can help them if their sugars drop low. So thats kind of a posative to it all.


I read about these a while back and got some in. They are meant to be good for giving energy, and high in anti-oxidents and high in vitamins. They taste like raisens mixed with cranberry, and look like a bright red dried raison.

When I first tried them I didn’t really like them but then mixed them in smoothies and they added a different flavour. Recently I started trying them on their own and really like them and often have them as a snack food now – they are very low in fat and the wierd taste is nice but something to get used too.

I don’t know if I believe the idea that they are excellent for you and althou many supermarkets are now stocking them I believe that IF they were always such an excellent source for all these vitamins etc they would have been shipped many years ago like bananas, apples and oranges.

All in all, I quite like them. They taste even odder if soaked in water for 20 minutes – they become kinda oval shaped and apparently are good in curries – i’ve not tried it – I didn’t like them absorbed in water. Ever thought of putting raisons in water… before writting this I had not… maybe something to try – to see what happens.