And the Journey Begins

Wednesday, after a quite busy day of getting things sorted, I got dropped off at Darlington station to go to london. Train on time, I’ve not really travelled much by train but so far seems fine, if a little bumpy which makes typing interesting.

So, a mid week to weekend trip to London. The plan – Meet with Dad, and see some friends aswell as just have some space away from everything and everyone to be honest. Life seems to have got so busy, now with running my own business, aswell as normal work at the medical centre and just having so much on which is nice to have the variety but means I don’t feel I stop.

I dislike the passing trains – really does seem to give me a shock when it happens – I guess I’ll get used to it soon enough. YES, I seem to be getting used to the speeding past trains – supprisingly quickly. I do love how people adjust to things so quickly (most of the time)

My ticket was around £40 from darlington to london, I checked bus althou didn’t want to go that way and it would have costs nearer £30 to £35 one way so glad I chose the train way – also managed to get First class too, think its the time of day – 15.25 to 18.05 is apparently the times. Still first class train compared with bus travel – I think it was worth the extra £5 to £10 for the peace and leg room.

Its quite peaceful in first class – maybe it is the rest of the train however I am one of the youngest here. There is free WiFi but is unsecured – wireshark may have fun here, I’ve switched off my wireless for this journey. I just don’t trust it 🙂

Am I being followed?

I’ve had a very strange senstation today – as though some one or something has been watching everything I do… Be it driving, eating, chilling, or even now… while writing this up.

Its not like a person following, but like something seeing what I’m doing – and its in my mind that I feel it – it is quite disturbing. There is nothing that I can do about it, but still I feel I should share it too.

So, Bank holiday weekend – new one in what feels like a long time, so far nothing exciting – the most I’ve done is the ironing I’ve had laid in a pile ready for something to be done with – at least thats sorted.

Hoping to see a friend tommorrow – Not sure what the plan is but at least it won’t be stuck at home with no-one but kittens to talk too.

Anyhow, Hope your having a good holiday / mini break. On another note, a way I don’t mind people following me is twitter: